Spilled Paint

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When Grace opened her eyes in the morning, she realized that once again, she’d become a bed hog. Nate mocked her relentlessly growing up because she would fall asleep in a little curled ball, but inevitably sprawl out, stealing blankets, kicking them off and shoving him out of the bed, all without ever waking up. Currently she was tangled in the shirt she wore, feet hanging off the end and side of the bed while her head was a few inches shy of the pillow and the blanket was tucked under her left leg. Despite being a little ragdoll, it was still rather comfortable. Grace wasn’t surprised to find that she was alone in bed, though it took her a moment to recognize the sounds of Nate’s shower running.

This was one of those moments where the layout of Nate’s apartment was both a blessing and a curse. He’d stuffed shelves in every conceivable space and that had made it all but impossible to properly open or close the bathroom door. This resulted in Grace having an almost direct line of sight into the bathroom while he showered and she just wasn’t a disciplined enough woman to not look. The tiny apartment had an equally tiny shower, the kind with the glass doors that creaked when opened and would kill a person if they fell through them. The condensation from the shower had fogged the glass a bit, making it hazy but still allowing Grace to see far more of her best friend than was good for her blood pressure. He was in profile to her, face under the water stream and eyes closed, completely unaware of her regard. She didn’t blush as she followed the water hitting his face, to run down his arms and chest, but she did start to go scarlet as her eyes kept tracking the droplet’s adventure lower. Because she couldn’t help but realize that Nate wasn’t exactly scrubbing himself clean at the moment, but seemed to be taking care of his morning glory. Oh boy… Grace knew she should let him have some privacy but she couldn’t tear her eyes away. Grace felt her lips tingle and her heart beat suddenly start to hammer as she saw a shudder go through Nate’s arms and his head tipped back, the way his body echoed the pulse telling her that he had enjoyed himself. His chest was moving with the hard, deep breaths he was taking and she looked back up to realize he had opened his eyes and caught her watching him.

Grace could feel red claim her face as Nate turned off the water and stepped out of the shower and yet she still couldn’t look away. Even worse was the fact that she wanted to get up and walk over to him but knew that that was a really bad idea. So instead she just kept staring at her best friend as he walked, naked, out of the bathroom and towards her. And even though she was a diehard atheist, Grace couldn’t help the mental litany of oh my god, oh my god... that chased through her head. She had no clue what Nate was planning and was almost afraid of her own reactions to whatever was going to come next when Nate did something really unexpected. His feet were still wet so he slipped on the tile and fell to the floor.

“That was not what I was intending to do.” Nate said calmly from his sprawl on the floor.

Grace finally moved, peering over the edge of the bed to see him still laying there in a decidedly unsexy heap. “You pulled a me. Are you ok?” she asked, doing her best to ignore his nudity.

“Yeah, mostly. Mind tossing me the sweat pants, Bold Eyes?” Nate asked, gingerly moving from his sprawl.

Grace grumbled her annoyance at being caught watching him naked and searched for the sweat pants he had given her last night. She knew he would be more than willing to follow through on her stare too, she was the one that always put a stop to things. Some of that was just long ingrained habit by now, not wanting to be a conquest. At one point in time it had been obstinacy; she refused to admit her attraction to him because people expected it, but now Grace knew that her resolve was nowhere near as strong as it would need to be to keep saying no to him. She wanted her best friend in a way that was a little primal, a lot savage and she refused to have him unless it was completely romantic. She found the sweat pants and threw them back at him without turning around to look. She’d gotten more than her fair share of an eyeful and it was just going to make her all hot and bothered to keep looking. Nate had already caught her watching him masturbate but that wasn’t the point, she wasn’t going to keep looking at him naked. It wasn’t logical but Grace was like that sometimes.

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