The Finale

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I stepped out from the shades, with a flower in hand. A soft wind blew through the breeze, the grass rustling beneath my feet.

I breathe in, feeling the fresh air go through my lungs. I smiled, at last I could finally feel it. A reminder that I was finally free from that chains that I feared. Its been years, and I no longer felt the fear that came upon me all throughout those years.

I looked down at the flower I held, twiddling it around with my thumbs. I can still remember what had happened, so crystal clear.

I awoke from the bed, hearing my own heartbeat from the monitor. I slowly opened my eyes, seeing the familiar face as I did before I passed out.

"Violet?" I smiled, "Oh! You're awake!" She said with a smile. As she said those with a smile, I could see her tears go down like waterfalls. "What's wrong?" I asked, she held my hand and squeezed it as she wiped away her tears.

"Oh its nothing...I just..I just feel so grateful that you've lived...and also so guilty that I've doubted you, (y/n). I owe u an apology." Violet said, smiling through with gritted teeth.

I chuckled in response, "We've had our doubts, Violet. Its alright, I forgive you," I wiped away her tears and smiled. "I can't wait to get out of here." I laughed as she showered me with full support.

When I was finally release from the hospital's grasp, I couldn't help but smile at the thought that I'm actually free. But freedom always comes with a cause, like everything else.

I sigh to myself, gripping onto my skirt as I looked up at the sky. The wind brisk by, sending a shiver throughout my body.

As I looked up, I waved a hand in hopes that the ones I had lost will see me. Joshua, Dean, Vien and Zach and also uncle Ainsley. Even if I had felt betrayed by some of them, I already learnt to forgive them...but maybe not all of them. I looked away from the skies as I saw the man that I had seen before the explosion.

He waved a hand at me and gave me a smile, I walked towards him and smiled back.

"Hello, I never got your name sir." I politely said and I heard him chuckle in response, "It''s Calore Evans, (y/n)." he introduced himself and told me a few things about himself that turned into a wonderful conversation. He told me different things about himself, like his hobbies and his childhood.

I felt a warm feeling inside, and I couldn't help but feel calm and safe with him beside me. Almost as if he were like a father to me.

My father never really paid that much attention to me due to his work from abroad but he's still a wonderful and caring father nonetheless, but Mr. Evans just made me feel very loved in some way. "Well, what got you into this mess Mr. Evans?" I finally asked as he only stared at me like he was trying to find the words.

"Well.." he started, "I-" He was cut off by a voice that yelled my name. I could hear the clicking of the heels and I immediately stood up and turned around with wide eyes.

"Mother!" I called out and gave me a tight hug. My father stroke my hair as I heard my mother sob, "Oh please mother, don't cry." I whispered. I looked at my father, trying to fight off his tears as a frown was visible on his face.

"I'm so sorry, (y/n) my dear." My mother said is dismay, sobbing in between. "We never should've let you go." My father said as he wiped away the tears from my eyes and his finally falling to his cheek. "I knew you were scared, and I completely understand that.

"I love you mom and dad." I smiled at them. After a long moment, we broke apart as we heard a helicopter coming down. The air began to pick up speed as we looked at the helicopter slowly come down, its white landing skid hitting the ground.

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