Chapter 1

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Before you begin to read Eaten Alive I would like to remind you that I know there are mistakes everywhere in this book and I am trying to edit as much as I can. if you come across any mistakes, then please comment on the chapter so I can edit that.

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(Alfie's POV)

Dear diary,

The days are going smoothly now, and I've made lots of friends at school. Although, I don't really like the new area we live in. The nights feel longer and the days feel much, much shorter. Today, mum went out shopping. I asked if I could come with her, she said I could, but by the time I got home from school, I couldn't be bothered to get out of the house... I just felt like i needed to relax in a nice quiet room. The hours went by and mum was coming in the front door. She came back with lots of new things such as wall decorations for the new house. It was things like rugs and a massive shotgun that was just for decoration. She also bought a really big sword... it was amazing! I think she was going for a war themed thing or maybe she has turned a little violent. Mum told me to watch her so I did. She grabbed a tissue from the side and lightly dropped it onto the sword's blade and it split into 2 pieces instantly. Like I said, it was amazing! Anyway, my dad is calling me for dinner. I'll speak to you tomorrow diary, bye!

I put my pen down and ran down the stairs and sat down next to my mum and opposite my dad.

"Dad, how have the job interviews been going?" I asked politely.

"Well good news, I got a job at the news agency just down the road. The man that works there has a daughter if you want to make friends, Alfie!" Dad exclaimed happily.

"Dad, I know you're just trying to help me make new friends, but please just leave me to it. Thanks for letting me know though, I'll go and speak to her tomorrow." I replied.

I instantly thought that the girl from the shop could be my new best friend... or even just my first friend around here...

I finished my dinner and I went upstairs to get ready for bed. I looked into the mirror and my short blond hair which distracted me from my bright green eyes, my big red cheeks made me look as if I was really cold. I was getting tired, so I got into the brand new, warm, comforting bed and started to fall asleep...

In the morning I woke up to the smell of fried eggs and bacon. I ran downstairs before my parents could eat it all. Amazingly, they hadn't and I snatched some. I went back up and stared out of my window.

Down below, I could see the girl that my dad was talking about. She was down in the shop window, she looked friendly, and she looked up and waved at me. I waved back, then I got dressed, brushed my teeth and asked my dad if I could go and meet her.

He replied with "Yes!"

Dad walked me over to the shop since he had to go in for work, I didn't have to go to school because it was for the kids who were starting at the lowest grade.

"Hi, my names Alfie, I live across the street, my dad works here," I shyly introduced.

"Hi, I'm Leighanna, my dad owns the shop. I don't have many friends and I really would like you to be my friend, your dad told me all about you and I know you just moved in, I really don't want to screw our friendship up so do you want to come upstairs? My brother's up there he's really nice to people that come round." She asked.

"Sure! I would love to meet your brother." I smiled.

The fact that she burst out like she was desperate for friends kind of creeped me out, but I went along with it since I had no friends...

We went upstairs and her brother was sitting on the sofa. "Hi I'm Danny, nice to meet you." He introduced with a friendly and welcoming smile.

"Hey Danny, I'm Alfie. Nice to meet you too." I responded, returning the smile.

We all just spoke for a while, then suddenly Leighanna exclaimed: "Oh my gosh! I have an idea! Why don't we have a sleep over right here! Just the three of us!"

"Yeah I guess we could..." I mumbled, unsure if my parents would agree.

I gave them a quick call and they said that I could, so we went to my house to pick up some clothes and a pillow.

When we got inside their eyes were instantly glued to it, the sword. The sharpest sword I had ever seen. In fact the only sword I had ever seen...

"Can I touch it?" Leighanna asked, seeming like she was hypnotized.

"No!" I shouted "Do not get any closer! It's really sharp it could probably slice your fingers off even if you went near it!" I sarcastically mentioned.

I decided I wanted to be a rebel, so I carefully took it off the wall and put it in its protective sheath to take to our sleepover.

"Bye mum! Bye dad!" I shouted from the door holding a giant, dangerous, and lethal sword in my hands.

"Bye Honey!" They replied in unison.

The hours went by and the sleep over was going well. I was making good friends with both Leighanna and Danny. Danny was much older than us, so it was a bit awkward at first but Leighanna and I were the same age, with only a few months apart. I wanted to write my diary entry for today so I got out my pen and diary.

"What's that?" Leighanna asked.

"It's my diary. I keep a note of what I do every day in it! You can have a look in it if you want, but not right now because I need to do today's notes." I explained.

Dear diary,

Today has been amazing! I met the girl across the street, her name is Leighanna and she has an awesome older brother named Danny. They asked me if I wanted a sleepover and I said yes! Although, I feel a little bad for taking the sword that my mum got, to their house... Oops.

"We interrupt this program to issue everyone a warning to evacuate your homes! Report to the nearest shelter immediately!"

The TV came on and Danny turned the sound up.

"Guys, could you turn the sound down please? I'm trying to concentrate." I projected my voice over the loud TV and said.

"No Alfie, something is happening!" Leighanna exclaimed, worry spreading across her face.

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