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Riley's POV.
I sat in the classroom watching my dad, Corey Matthews teach.
"And.. Franklin Roosevelt knew he had to help Great Britian.. But he wanted to stay in office. Now, if he had stayed silent-"
Right then the bell rang. Mr. Matthews sighed and dismissed us. All the students filed out of the room, Maya next to me, on our way to lunch.
"So, did you learn anything?" I asked Maya. She shrugged as we got in line Lucas behind us,
"Grilled Cheese on Texas toast" read the Cafeteria sign.
"Har-Har, looks like Ranger Rick will enjoy food, right from Home." Maya said imitating a fake Texas accent.
He chuckled and tipped an imaginary hat and said in an accent, "You sure betcha I will Ma'am, thanks for telling me."
I looked at him and smiled, and he grinned.
Maya growled, I laughed and pulled her away to our lunch table.
The three of us sat down to Farkle, who was waiting.
"Helloo Ladies." He said.
"Hi Farkle." We replied.
Lucas spoke up,
"So have you guys heard there's going to be a spring dance coming up?"
I shook my head while Maya nodded,
"Spring dance?" I asked a bit confused.
Authors Note:
Sorry it's so short, it's just a draft. Also sorry about how it abruptly stops.

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