Gajeel Redfox x Reader

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You were sitting at the guildhall, bored.

There were only a few people, everyone else was on job requests. You didn't want to, well, not on your own at least. There happened something on your last job you were on alone, it took a big part of your strenght & magic. You're magic power hasn't fully recovered yet. So no jobs for you in the near future.

If it wasn't for him... You'd be...


You were on a hard job, because you're one of the strongest non-S-Class wizards of Fairy Tail. You had to get rid of a monster thing.

You were fighting the monster in a forest close by a village. Both you and the monster were already badly hurt. You were badly hurt, the monster was just hurt. You couldn't take one hit anymore. If the monster would attack you one more time...

Speak of the devil, the monster charged after you and was ready to hit you again. You closed your eyes thinking,'So, this is how it will end...'

Then just before the monster landed his hit you heard a cling. You're eyes fluttered open, so they could see Gajeel standing there. "Lilly, get (Y/N) out of here." he emmediatly demanded his exceed. The, now grown, exceed helped you up and wanted to walk you to the village but you stopped him. "I can.. Go myself... You help Gajeel..." You whispered and started walking towards the village yourself. Once you were at the village you started wandering around, looking for an infirmary or something. You came at an allyway and suddenly got pulled in and pinned onto a wall. The strange man started talking, but you didn't listen, you were only trying to get away from him. What wasn't easy in your state. "Let me.. Go." You said with a quiet and weak voice, usually your voice is loud and intimedating.

You closed your eyes as the man leaned closer to you.

Then suddenly you heard a low voice. "Hey! Back off!" You opened your eyes, just to see metal hit the pervert's head. You looked to your side and saw Gajeel standing there. He walked over to you and grabbed your shoulders, "You okay?" He asked. "I'm not to late am I." You shook your head. Gajeel pulled you in a hug. "Thank gold." (A/N I say gold, live with it.) "Gajeel..." you said. "It's okay, you're safe now. I took care of the monster fast, you already defeated him for the most."Gajeel said. You smiled weakly and looked up at him. "Thank you..."

Well, long story short, things happened and you and Gajeel were now dating.

*end flashback*

You looked up from the sound of the guildhall doors.

In the doorway stood your boyfriend and his exceed. You smiled at him when he walked over to you. "Hey, Gajeel!" You said cheerfully. "Oi, Shrimp." He replied. "How was the job?" You asked Gajeel. "It went well..."

"Is something wrong?" You asked him. Then suddenly he grabbed your waist and pulled you in a kiss. "W-wha?" You stuttered as he pulled back. "Now, I've done it. You happy?" Gajeel said turning to Pantherlily who was smiling in victory. "Yes, yes I am." Lily said and walked away. "What was that?" you asked, still a little shocked. This was the first kiss you two shared. Gajeel looked at you, "My cat said I was to scared to kiss you." He explained. "So you said you weren't, he said you had to prove it, and so you did." You finished for Gajeel. He nodded and ruffled your hair. "You know me to well, shrimp." You let out a small giggle. "It's not that I know you too well, it's that you're predictable." You stated smiling. "Hey!" Gajeel shouted a little offended, as you laughed. "Take this!" He said and kissed you again. A small blush crept up your face as you kissed back.

Gajeel wasn't the monster you thought he was when you met him.

He was alot more,...

I try to make these longer, but... Yeah...

I hope your happy with this though. I like the one-shots where the boys save you, it's like: He's your crush and hero!
It might be a little cliche but I like that.

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