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I hate to do it, But if he takes Quentin away from me? I take someone away from him and in this case, It's gone be TJ and I'm taking Maya away from August. You see, I been paying attention to them closely and Treys weakness is his kids, August weakness may be his kids but MAYA is his Main weakness

Phone Convo with TJ,

TJ: Hello?

Me: Hey Baby, TJ I'm sorry about being rude to you earlier. I didn't mean it.

TJ: It's cool, you okay? Where you at?

Me: Can you meet me some place?

TJ: Yeah, where?

Me: The school

TJ: Yeah

He hung up

Here's the whole plan, I lure him in. take him to the bando, Than call up Maya and tell her that's Aug's in trouble and them liking me so much, She wouldn't expect a single thing!


"WHAT THE FUCK you doing?" TJ asked me

"SHUT UP!" I told him as I tied him up

"WTF I do to you? I ain't did nothing but love you"

"I know that, That what makes it so hard for me to do this. Because, I love you too . But, your father is taking something away from me and I'm taking something away from him, Something he loves dearly," I said

"My after ain't did shit to you."

"Your father is on his way to kill my brother. And, I'm going to kill you and Maya." I said taping his mouth and crying

I grabbed my keys and gun and got in the car and dialed Maya

Phone Convo with Maya,

Maya: Hello?

Me: MAYA! August is in trouble.

Maya: What? Sweetie calm down, I can't hear you

Me; August is in trouble. I need you to come with me and I'll take you to him

Maya: oh ok, I'll be ready

I hung up



I laughed

"You had me for a minute, But you don't think I know your game. Bitch, did you ask about me?" Maya said

TJ mumbled

"TJ, don't say none. I'm gone kill her and we gone be just fine"

"How you gone kill me? Bitch you tied up."

"Like I said.."

"I'm going to..."

"KILL YOU" she said

I laughed

"Over my dead body"

"That's what I'm gone be doing walking over that pretty little body of yours." she said shaking the chair

"Just sit tight. You might get to be let go if your husband reasons with me" I said dialing Augustt

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