s*t*a*r*s 9 - pt 160

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“But…,” begins Nina but Jo is running off to her car before she can say anything else.  “What will Spencer do?” asks Nina to Bev.

“I have no idea,” says Bev with a thoughtful look in her eyes.  “But let’s just listen to her, Shaun… are you ok?” asks Bev, hugging Shaun gently.

“Yeah, man, I’m fine, Gale’s not gonna hurt ‘em.  He’s just a greedy SOB,” states Shaun grumpily.  Her father had left Jaxon, then had come back to hold him for some sort of ransom, that is the gene pool that she’d come from.  How insane is that?

“Let’s get a cab and I’m taking you home,” states Lana to Shaun her tone now ordering and not as gently as before.  Lana is realizing that Shaun is the ‘tough love’ type of girl.

“You got a flight to catch,” reminds Shaun with a regretful smirk on her face.  They move away from Paige, Bev and Nina.  Shaun’s voice is soft, her head is throbbing, but her heart is what hurt the most right now.

Lana put her hands on her hips, giving Shaun a chiding look.  “Are you kidding me?”  yells Lana.

“No,” replies Shaun in a small voice, her eyes narrowing and wondering why Lana looks so damn insulted.

“Yeah, well, come on, Paige can we drop you off?” asks Lana, turning to look at the Amazonian woman who is hugging herself, staring at the spot where the SUV had been parked less than an hour before. 

“That’s all right, I’ve got it from here,” says Helen, sweeping in gallantly, stopping to kiss Shaun’s cheek, ignoring the head wound.  “I’m sorry it took me so long, I was in a meeting, have they found them yet?”

“No, but they have a lead, we should go home and wait, they will contact us,” states Nina remembering what Jo had says to them.  “Come on, let’s go.”

They all move away from the crime scene.  Bev throws a look back at the spot that Emma had touched, not at all reassured that Emma, with all her powers, hadn’t seen anything.  Is Angelica lost to them?



“Hey,” says Spencer as the door of Nina’s house opened to let her in.  This was Spencer’s half-ass plan and she hopes to hell that it paid off.  “Gonna make this quick, my mom’s waiting, can I see Angie’s room?”

“Umm, yeah,” stammers Nina waving to the hallway and Spencer limps down it.  “What exactly does your mother have planned?  Not that I don’t trust you guys, but… this may be Angelica’s life on the line…”

“Infrared tracking, via… well… me…  It’s not Mom’s plan it’s mine.  I don’t know if this is gonna work, but it’s a shot, right?” asks Spencer, her blue and amber eyes plead with Nina to give her a chance to help.

“I don’t understand,” says Bev who is coming from the kitchen, her mouth full of chocolate cake, Nina gives her a look of reproach.  “I’m eating away my pain.”

Spencer tries not to laugh.  “I see that.  Look here’s the deal-e-o, I don’t see like you guys do, I see…  colors, and aura’s and…  well, you know like the infrared shit that people use, red for heat blue for cold?” asks Spencer, now at the threshold of Angelica’s room.

“Yes,” says Nina and Bev in unison.

“Okay, well I see like that, but a little different, each person has a unique signature, if my mom can tap into my power, we can synch and find Angie’s trail,” says Spencer.  “We think… this is all a little theoretical, like… guess work….  I think I can find that aura and Mom, via a telepathic link, can find her.  She wouldn’t let me go flying around in a ‘copter.  I think she was afraid I’d zap it.”

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