Shoot or Die P2

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(Quentin in MM)


"What's up, bruh?" I said dapping one of my workers when I was on the streets

His name was Lil Chris. I looked out for him and he did the same for a brother.

"Nothing dog, what's up? What you need?" She asked

"I need you to help me find somebody. Looking at him he thinks he a little thug, he attacked my daughter and my step-daughter and I want his ass" I said with all seriousness

"He a fool for messing with you, Everybody know not to mess with you and Your fam. Gimme his picture, I'll let you know what's up." he said

I handed him the picture

"I'll look around for you. I'll keep you posted." he said

"Thanks bruh, 'preciate lat." I said

"You know you had my back, I gotta have yours." he said dapping me up

"You still out here in the skreets, I see" I said

"Yeah, I was born for this shit. I don't know none else but the hustle and the grind, I'm a thug and that's what I'm always gone be." he said

"That's good bro, My girls need someone out here to look out for them even when I ain't around." I said to him

"Yeah I heard you got married, to uh, Maya Amour ain't it?"

"Yeah, yeah that's my wife" I said smiling proudly

"You one lucky nigga. I remember little Shawty when she was a young broad..." Big Nate said

"Yeah he a lucky nigga alright." he said

"So lucky his ass don't even show his face no more" Mikey Mike said

"Look here, I know y'all mad haters and shit but I'll pick my bone with y'all later. This bout my daughters and my nephew. So shut the hell up and pick a bone with me later." I said

"Nigga who the fuck you think you talking too? Nigga I will bust a cap in your ass." Mikey Mike and Big Nate said

"Do it" I said stepping up to him putting the gun to my head

He bit down on his lip and put the gun away

"Thought so, Always been the bitch to Run his mouth but you'd never step up to me, We all know you ain't serious, You ain't bout this life, You ain't gone bust a cap in nobody ." I said

"I am bout that life, but you ain't brother." Big Nate said

"If you was , 'brother' you would have pulled the trigger. Scary ass and you right, I don't do that shit no more, why? Because I'm a grown ass man, I got a wife and two kids and another on the way, I have a job, I ain't got time to be on the skreets running from cops, I got it good now." I said

"See that's what's wrong with you punk asses, You get famous and forget the struggle."

"That's one thing you wrong at, I'm always acknowledging where I come from. My kids know what I did for a living--"

"Not to mention, His girl was the baddest thug on these streets"

"Nigga, you been saying shit about my wife how you even know my wife?" I asked turning my attention to Lil Chris

"Maya Amouria Maraj. That's her name ain't it?" He asked smiling


"She used to hang out with dude, what's his name? Big Nate?"

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