Chapter 24 : Unidentified Being

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Quickly hearing your call from behind him, Tanjirou turned around as he stopped on his trackhis happiness couldn't be held down whilst you approached his figure.

"How's your stomach? Does it still hurt?" You asked as you recall what happened last night.

For a second, Tanjirou didn't answer as he was busy with his own thoughts. He's remembering the conversations from last night—a conversation that he never thought would have the opportunity to open up.

Either way, he couldn't lie but to think it's a nice change of pace. Different from his other two chaotic friends; who would always create an ordeal in every chance they had, your voice had always have that subtle ring in a calming way.

Maybe Zenitsu would understand it more better than him?

A voice so soothing, yet delicate.

In a way, the scent emitting from your figure was like he's standing in a land of flowers, a land perfect to set back and relax together. It truly fits with the nature that inspired your breathing technique.

Breath of Nature.. He once wondered about who might be the person who passed it down to you. Would he ever get the chance to meet them one day?

His train of thoughts then quickly stopped as soon as he realize that he's pacing out.

"..Oh, yeah! It still kind of hurts, but I'll be fine! It's not like it's the first ever time Inosuke did it.." Tanjirou chuckled, a bit awkwardly as he recall the events a few nights ago.

You could only sigh hearing his response, "I still don't quite understand why Inosuke-san did it. But please do tell me if it becomes worse."

His head slightly perked up, noticing the tone and words you used before giving you one of his signature smile. A smile so bright as it hold genuine warmth of his true nature.

You would even admittedly say it was just like the sun.

His bright eyes didn't left yours as he suddenly hold both of your handsgrasping them together with his own which had taken you by surprise.

"Then same goes for me!" He exclaimed excitedly, "do tell me if there's anything else bothering you, okay?"

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