Chapter Fifteen

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Lily’s cries had become Stevie’s new personal alarm clock, waking her up at regular intervals throughout the night for a feed. Although she was more tired than usual, Stevie cherished each and every one of those moments that they spent together, just the two of them, as she would rock with Lily and sing to her in the middle of the night.

After the first night, Stevie had decided that it would be better to bring the Moses basket into her bedroom and place it beside her bed. Every night since then, Lily had slept soundly and only woke up to be fed.

“I hear you baby, Mommy’s right here!” Stevie chirped, rolling over and rubbing the sleep from her eyes.

It was Friday, the day of the party, and Stevie could not have been more excited if she tried. She sat on the edge of her bed and lifted Lily out of the Moses basket, bouncing her against her chest until her whimpering stopped.

“Are you excited for your party today, sweet girl? There will be so many people here that are all so looking forward to meeting you!”

Stevie rambled in baby-talk to Lily as she changed her diaper and gave her her morning bottle, before making her way into her walk-in wardrobe and gathering together Lily’s outfit.

As soon as Stevie knew the party was going ahead, she had called Margi Kent and asked if she would make something for Lily to wear. It had only arrived by courier the day before and Stevie was dying to try it on her. It was a gorgeous red satin dress with tiny diamond stars sprinkled around the hem, and a white silk bow at the centre. Margi had also sent some soft white tights and little ruby shoes to complete the outfit, all of which fit the baby perfectly.

“My little princess!” Stevie beamed ecstatically, holding her up on the changing table and taking a good look at her. “You are going to steal all the boys’ hearts today!”

Stevie laid her down on the bed while she quickly got ready. Margi had also sent a lovely deep red chiffon blouse in the package which matched Lily’s dress perfectly. Stevie pulled on some black trousers and accessorised the outfit with some diamond earrings and her beloved diamond encrusted crescent moon necklace. After taking a look at the two of them in the mirror, Lily held in her arms, Stevie smiled and made her way downstairs to help Karen with the final arrangements.

They had decided to invite Brenda along to the party, calling it the first of her post-placement visits. Stevie had thought it would be a good opportunity to show Brenda just how much love Lily would be receiving with her and just how well she had settled in.

“Oh my goodness! Lily, you are a little jewel!” Karen fussed as she swept through the room setting up dishes of nibbles. “You don’t look half bad yourself either!”

“Thanks Karen…” Stevie rolled her eyes jokingly. “Everything set?”

“I think so! We’re just waiting for the guests to start arriving now!”

As if on cue, the doorbell rang and Stevie shuffled to open the front door with Lily smiling happily in her arms.

“Mom! Dad! I’m so happy you made it!”

“Well of course we would, honey!” Barbara laughed, hugging her tightly.

“That’s right,” Jess agreed, planting a kiss on Stevie’s cheek. “We’ve been dying to meet our first grandchild all week!”

“And this must be her!” Barbara squeaked excitedly.

“Yes it is!” Stevie said, showing off the baby proudly. “Mom, Dad, I’d like you to meet your granddaughter, Lily!”

“Oh Stephanie, she is just beautiful!” Barbara cooed as Stevie passed the baby into her arms.

“Hello Miss Lily!” Jess said softly, taking one of her tiny hands in his and giving it a kiss. “I’m your Grandpa!”

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