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Ace pov

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Ace pov

"You all can take your cars and we are taking ours and follow me" I said in an emotionless tone.

They followed us to the parking lot and Alessia and I went to our car.

They all were having their jaw almost on the floor.

"How did you get this by yourself" one of the boy said stunned.

I just shrugged my shoulders and lead Alessia they way.

They all got in 2 SUVs.

I started driving with them following closely behind so I decided to tell Alessia about mafia.

"Lessie??" I asked softly not to startle her.

"Yes bubs" she responded.

"Our so called father is the don of the italian mafia."

"W-what" she said shocked

"Will they hurt us like him bubby" she asked in a small voice.

"No baby. I'll never let anyone hurt you"

"And what about you" she asked innocently.

"Well what are those muscles for" I asked trying to lighten up the mood.

She giggled.

"But you are still becoming like a twig" she says suddenly serious.

I playfully glared at her.

We reached the mansion which is in a scheduled after punching the code.

I got out of the car with Alessia.

Soon their car also came and everyone came out of the cars with eyes bulged out and mouths wide open.

If I didn't have to keep my emotionless face on, I would probably be rolling on the ground with laughter.

Whereas Alessia could not control and giggles which snapped them out of their state.

Some of them went red with embarassment while some went back to their stone cold face.

"What work did you step father do" one of the boy who was glaring earlier asked.

I just shrugged my shoulder for hundredth time in the day.

I started walking inside hand-in-hand with Alessia.

We went to the living room and made them sit on the couch.

"Well it will be good if you introduce yourselves cause we. Don't. Know. You"

Their face portrayed hurt but it soon disappeared.

The oldest one and one with a stone cold face said

"I and Antonio your oldest brother" he says one again with a stone cold face but deep deep deep deep deep deep deep deep deep inside his eyes you can see love nad admiration.

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