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Summer's pov

All of us were laying around doing absolutely nothing. Bekah had to go home because her job interview was today. The rest of us on the other hand was bored out of our minds.

"Why don't we go clubbing?" Harry suggested.

"Why not?" Louis said as Hannah rolled her eyes from beside him.

"Well I don't know." I said glancing at Hannah. Last time Hannah and I went to the club we go thrown out.

"How come?" Niall asked.

"Well." I said hesitantly.

"What Summer is trying oh so hard to tell us is that it depends what club we go to." Hannah explained. Oh great she is going to tell the whole story.

"How come?" Zayn asked.

"Well the last club we went to we got thrown out." She said causing all the boys to go into a laughing fit.

"Yeah ha ha." She said.

"How did you get thrown out?" Liam asked.

"Well we was both hammered and Summer decides it would be a good idea to go fix everyones drinks. So she went behind the bar and starts mixing random things together." Hannah said.

"Yeah but then Hannah decided to help me but she kept spilling the drinks on everyone. Then when the bartender got back he ordered us out. But we wouldn't leave so we was forced out." I finshed.

By the end the boys were in laughing fits on the floor. "Yeah well can we still go?" Harry asks. "We can go to the Punch Room." (Google said this is a real place so i dont know LETS PRETEND!)

"Uh we can't." I said. "That's the one we was kicked out of and banned from."

"How bout The Underground?" Hannah asked.

"Sure let's go get ready." Louis said jumping up.

Hannah and I went upstairs and changed. I was wearing a one sleeve black dress with sparkley black heels with a bow on them. Hannah was wearing a blue dress with black wedges.( guys i stink at explaining things so the outfits is on the side.)

I did our make-up. I did a smokey eye for me. As for Hannah I put on mascara, foundation, and blue eyeshadow. Then we walked downstairs.

The boys were there dressed and ready to go.

"You look beatiful." Niall whispered in my ear.

"Well let's go try not to get kicked out." Harry joked.

After the party.

Hannah's pov

Summer and I had a drinking contest and I don't know who won but we were both smashed. We got in the car and was driving home thanks to the boys help. They hadn't drunk that much. So they were still sober.

"Zayn you have pretty eye lashes who does them?" Summer asked.

"I do!" I screamed. The boys started laughing. "Thank you I will be here all week."

"Hailey will you do my lashes too?" Summer asked.

"Of course!" I said reaching over and pretending to do her eyelashes.

"Who's Hailey?" Zayn asked.

"I am Mr. Wolf." I said.

"Hey I had a pet wolf once he ran to the moon." Summer said.

By now we had arrived home. Louis picked me up and carried me upstairs.

"Night Hannah." Louis said kissing my head.

"Night night." I said.

The next day.

I woke up with a terrible headache. I decided to take a shower as if that would help. After I got out I put on a pair of zebra shorts and a lime green tank top. Then I walked downstairs and into the kitchen.

"Here ya go babe." Louis said handing me so asprin and water.

"Thanks." I said.I took the pills and started to walk into the living room. All of the boys were there.

"Hey Hannah are you going to do Zayn's eyelashes later?" Harry asked.

"I don't even want to know." I said.

Right after that Summer came walking down the stairs. She went straight into the kitchen and I soon followed.

"Mornin Sum." I said

"Not a good morning." She mumbled back. She took her pills and then turned to face me." Wanna hang in my room?"

"Sure I will get the snacks you tell the boys." Summer nodded and I grabbed some Milk duds Skittles and Doritos. Then I grabbed the Dr. Pepper and headed to her room.

As for the rest of the day we watched movies ate and ended up falling asleep.

Alright guys I know it's a short update but I have stuff to do and I wanted to update. So I updated and now here we are. My birthday is so close. :) I am so happy. Have a good day.

Don't you hate it when you know every line to a One Direction song but then when someone asks about it your mind is like totally blank? Yeah well I hate it.

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