Chapter Fifty

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I felt my eyes shot open, tears ran down my face like waterfalls as I expected for the worst. Simon turned around as uncle Ainsley stumbled, his gun on the floor. Another man ran out of the door, his eyes on uncle Ainsley. He pointed his gun at his head as the ruckus from inside suddenly became quiet. Uncle Ainsley laid there on the ground, staying stock still as the gun prevented him from even moving a muscle.

Simon turned back to Leo and pinned him to the wall. "Come any closer and I'll fucking kill him." the man shouted, pinning the gun closer to his head. "No one moves until the authorities come." Simon announced, "Shoot me then." Uncle Ainsley laughed. "I would but I'm not a fucking murderer like you." the man replied back. "Put me down." I whispered "Are you sure, (y/n)?" Vien asked. I nod my head in reply. Vien carefully put me down, I could feel the wood as it creaked. I looked down to my feet and noticed that I was barefoot.

I looked at Simon and smiled. It wasn't the time to really be happy, we're still in the midst of chaos. A chaos that I started. I looked at Leo, his eyes staring deep inside mine. Before I could even say a word, we heard a thump! on the floor. Smoke began to come out as the man and uncle Ainsley turned into shadows. I could see the other figure suddenly falling. I rushed towards them but was pulled back by Vien, I looked at her as she shook her head no.

I stepped back and saw Simon on the floor, grunting in pain. "We must leave, (y/n)." Vien said, "I can't leave Simon!" I replied back as I broke free from her hand. I knelt down and began to pull Simon up as I felt my someone pull my hair. I looked behind me and saw Leo. He pulled me up and began to panic. I looked behind me and I could no longer see where Vien was. The smoke had become worse. "Vien!" I screamed, my eyes darting everywhere. I started to struggle, trying my besty to make him let go of me but failing miserably. I felt too weak.

I felt a force know both of us down as I turned to my side to see Simon on top of Leo as he struggled. Simon punched him in the face both left and right, Leo's grasp finally loosened. I got up and looked at Simon. "Run (y/n)! Go!" he said, scurrying me off. I opened my mouth but no words came out, I frowned. "Please." Simon begged. I bit down on my bottom lip and nod, "I love you, Simon." I finally said. He smiled as I turned away and began to ran into the fog.

I felt a hand pull me to the side, my heart beat began to go fast as I could feel it pumping like its about to burst out. I looked at the person and a sigh of relief rushed through me, it was only Vien. "I'm sorry, (y/n). They attacked me." She said with a bow. I put a hand on her shoulder and shook my head, "It's fine, Vien. You also don't have to bow." I said with a small smile. She gave a smile back and looked at the window, "We must leave, (y/n). A bomb has been planted. I've seen it." She said. I looked down to her ripped yukata as I saw a glimpse of her silver part hanging loosely on her skin.

I heard her winced when she move her silver arm. "You're hurt, Vien." I said in a worry, "It's nothing, (y/n). I'll protect you." She said in reassurance. I shook my head, "I'll help. Stay here, I'll find something to smash the window." I said. I looked around, trying to find something that I could work with. This place was dusty, and there was nothing but a table and a single chair. I picked up the chair and went towards the window. I haven't recovered much from what happened earlier but I must push my limits.

Before I could even smash the window, I heard Vien grunt. I stopped and looked around as my eyes widened from the sigh in front of me. " can't leave me (y/n)! I've worked so hard to get here with you!" Leo screamed, Vien's dislocated silver arm on the ground. "If I can't have you, no one can (y/n)." Leo said as he began to run towards me. I threw the chair at him with all the strength that I have, he fell on the ground.

Vien ran towards me and I quickly took the chair from him. I winced from the sudden pain I felt as blood began to cripple down from my shoulder. Leo gripped onto his knife and to my shoulder, "Let go of me!" I cried.

My eyes betrayed me as tears fell down my cheek. I could no longer hold it back, hold back the fear and the anger inside me. Vien lunged at Leo and kicked his arm with her silver. She looked at me and gave me a signal to run, and so I did. I took the chair and with all my strength, I broke it.

I began to climb out and looked behind me as Vien struggled. "Please go!" She yelled, "I can't leave you here! The bomb is gonna explode!" I cried as I reached out my hand. "Run as fast as you can (y/n)." Vien said as she looked away. I began to tremble and turned away from her as I ran. I ran in the rain. As I ran farther away, the more I could no longer hear the chaos that was happening behind me. I cried, but I couldn't feel my tears.

The rain muffled away my yells of help, and I felt my knees giving up on me but I kept going. Finally I stopped as I could no longer see inside the forest. The darkness engulfed me whole. The darkness blinded me. I finally stopped as I finally felt far away from the chaos. I could still feel the rain dropping on my cheek, but my sobbing could finally be heard.

I finally let my knees fall on the grass, as I felt nothing but demise strangling me inside. My mind began to run loose, like a rabbit jumping in every scenario in my head. I wanted to gauge my eyes out to stop myself from crying, to tear my head off of my body and disconnect from it.

For the first time, I wanted to feel nothing but pain. The pain I felt earlier felt more bearable than what I feel inside. As I heard the sound of an explosion, I stopped. I felt like my soul left my own body. no, no, no! This can't happen! No! Please!

I ran and ran, wanting to see light at the end of this darkness. I wanted answers, I wanted to know that they're alright. I heard rustling inside the bushes and when I looked at that direction, I tripped and fell as my head hit a chopped log. My head felt like it was getting drilled inside and my eyelids began to feel heavy. I coughed, "" I whispered. I tried to stay awake, to fight off the void. But just like that, it ate me whole. It won.


"I'm sorry, (y/n)" I heard a voice as I opened my eyes. Here I was, back to a room I reminisce. I turned around and saw Leo's pitiful eyes, he took my hand and squeezed it tight. "I really didn't mean to hurt you...I..I just.." he sighs, Leo looked down and was trying to find the words. I caressed his cheek and made him look up at me. "It's alright. I forgive you, Leo." I said softly, fiddling with his hair. He smile at me, "I love you, (y/n)." his words echoed throughout the room as he disappeared.

I turned away as I suddenly got pushed to the bed. "You fool! Why did you do that?!" Leo screamed, "I...I didn't mean to!" I trembled. He went towards me and pulled me by the hair. He pulled me towards him as I stared at his ocean eyes. He leaned towards my ear, I could feel his breath tickling me, "Do it again and I'll make sure you can no longer see the light of the day." he whispered as he licked my ear. I flinched.

He backed away and roughly pulled my hand, "You see this ring? You belong to me now. You understand that? You're mine, (y/n)." Leo laughed.

Stop it, please. Wake me up, please get me out. I wanted all this to stop, I wanted to escape. My own mind is my own enemy. "Miss?" I heard a distinct voice calling me. Slowly, I began to feel my fingertips. I could feel myself finally gaining consciousness, "Help me.." I mumbled. "She's alive!" a man exclaimed.

I slowly flutter my eyes open as I saw two officers kneeling beside me. "Quickly! Get her up!" He beckoned as I was lifted up and put in a stretcher. Finally, I could see the light that I craved for. "(Y/n)!" I heard a familiar voice call out for me. I lift my head up and saw Violet ran towards me as they put me inside the ambulance with its opened doors.

"Oh, you're alive!" she exclaimed in joy. "Violet...where's Simon?" I asked in a worry. She only looked and smiled, "He's fine...I hope." She said as she mumbled the last words. I let my head rest as they close the door and drove off. Violet held onto my hand tight and whispered nothing but sweet words. As they drove, we passed by multiple firetrucks. The noise gave me hope that they would be fine. I suddenly felt a wave of relief inside of me, like the weights had finally lifted up my from my shoulders. Am I finally free?

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