~25~ close encounter

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The boy pauses in front of me. He’s wearing baggy brown overalls that do little to disguise the fatness of his body. His oily blond hair is side-parted. Piggy blue eyes stare lecherously at my body. 

Haven’t you seen boobs before, boy?

Dribble runs down his thin, cracked lips as he focusses on my nether regions. There have been occasions where Perverted Adrian pretends to do some odd jobs in the girls changing room, but really he’s just staring at us. I remember the time when we threw tampons at him. Red-faced, he bumbled off. Claude gave him a warning once a few of the girls complained. Since then, he’s pretty much kept his distance… 

With gleaming eyes, his chubby hand reaches out towards my chest. My sharp glare stops him in his tracks.

Shortly after, I finally break free. 

Adrian blinks as I stand up. 

“Like what you see, Adrian?” I spit out. 

He cowers like a small mouse.

My legs feel stiff and my feet are literally two blocks of ice. Brown hair is scattered around me on the white snow. I’m about to run a hand over my scalp, then I decide against it. I’ll assess the full extent of the damage later.


I never thought I’d be a female flasher. I’m like a hairless version of Lady Godiva. Minus the horse, of course. I’m just glad the corridors are empty and silent. Claude’s office door is unlocked. Thank god! He’s forgetful most of the time. Either that, or he’s too lazy…

I slip inside and switch the lights on. The storage room is filled with cabinets and odd bits and bobs. I snatch one of his bulky overcoats. The garment smells musky but it’ll do. Next I try to find the pair of green wellington boots. I swear I saw it here a week ago. I’ll be fvcked if I can’t find it — I can’t go outside with no footwear. My toes will fall off and I’ll get frostbite or something…

Then I’ll have no feet. Or ugly feet, at the most.

Calm down, girl. Use your head. I’ll just head down to the changing room and find a pair of football boots.

As I’m searching underneath a side table, a velvety voice interrupts the silence.

“Hello? Is anyone here?” He says.

I gasp. No! Not him. I thought he’d have gone home by now. I’m so stupid to leave the lights on. Footsteps head towards the storage room. I scramble up to dive into a hiding place. My eyes dart around wildly. Panic makes you carry out stupid choices. And affects your judgement. I manage to hide behind the overcoats. I almost choke on the muskiness.

The door creaks open as the coach steps inside. I feel a terrible sneeze work its way up my nose and my fingers pinch it back in. I bite my lip. There’s no way I’m letting him see me like this. He’ll interrogate me to death…

“Come out, come out, wherever you are…” His tone is playful. I hear him moving around the room briefly. Then silence. His hand rests above the coat hooks. We’re so close. Please don’t let his hand brush against the coats…

The sneeze is desperate to be released. I don’t think I can—

“Armand!” A female voice cheerily calls out from the office. I recognise her voice as belonging to the cleaner Édith. The only time she ever cracks a smile is when she’s talking to him. Maybe because he’s the only one who treats her like an actual human… 

“Must be my imagination…” Navarro murmurs.

I hear the two of them laughing over a risqué joke. She asks him if he’s started reading a certain smutty trilogy. I always see Édith reading some BD$M book or other. She’s literally addicted to that stuff. 

Apparently, he gave up at around the fifty page mark. I guess it wasn’t highbrow enough for the b@stard.

He can drown in his fancy prose for all I care.

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