Chapter Twenty Five

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The doors of the state prison slid open and he slowly walked out in a baby blue suit with his assigned officer. It had been a whole year since everything had happened and this was the first time I was seeing him.

He found his way to the table where I was and sat across from me.

"Hey Marcus.."


"How have you been holding up?"

"The best I can.. you?"

"Im doing fine.. look.. I know I shouldve came to visit you earlier but I needed some time.."

"Time for what?"

"Some time to find myself.. some time to figure out what I wanted. I didnt want to raise my child up in a mess that I created.."

"You didnt create this situation on your own Lauren, I played a part in this as well. I loved you Lauren and I still do. What I failed to realize was that, while I was out chasing fast women, I had the only woman I really needed at home waiting on me. And Im sorry Lauren. Im sorry for all the lonely nights and Im sorry for all the times you cried because I was out being a stupid man."

"Im sorry for cheating also.. All I wanted to do was feel loved.."

"And I know that. I am man enough to admit my wrong. I know because of my wrong is the result of your doing. I know I rarely showed you that I loved you and it was too late when I did but what you dont know is that my love for you runs deeper than the ocean. I love you so much that when Im laying here in this jail cell all I smell is you.. all I dream of is you."


"I love you so damn much.." Marcus started as he leaned over the table close enough to touch my face and continued.

"I love you so damn much that I forced myself over to where you were on the floor of that living room and took the gun from beside you and rubbed my prints on it, placing it beside me before the police came."

Tears ran down my face as I listened to him.

"I love you so fucking much that I took that charge for you. And know what else baby.. I also love you enough to let you go.."


"I saw how happy he made you and all I want for you is happiness. I failed to give you all the attention you need so now you can have it all. You dont have to be chained down to a fool like me. A fool who doesnt know a good woman when she is living in the same house as me."

Marcus grabbed my hand.

"I just want you to be happy. I just want the best for you and your baby and if he is what makes you happy then you should be with him."

I looked up into his eyes..

"She's not just my baby.. She is yours too.."

I pointed to the big window on the side of the wall where Stacy stood holding the baby we had went half on.

His eyes grew big as he looked at his daughter for the first time.

"Remember the visit when your mother came and swabbed your mouth with qtips?"

He nodded.

I reached in my purse and pulled out the DNA papers and slid them over to him.

He opened them up and it read 99.99% positive.

A smile spread across his face.

"I figured you probably would be skeptic because of her color but when your mother saw her she told me she looked like your grandmother Lilly who is half indian.."

He stared at the window before he spoke.

"She does. What is her name?"

"Leona .. Leona Alexandria Newsome .."

He turned around to look at me.

"Lewis .. She is a Lewis.."

I sat there as I watched him look at her through the window.

"So how long do you have."

"Another year. It wouldve been 10 to 20 but my mother's lawyer friend was able to get me a good deal."

"That is good compared to five to fifteen years."

"And you know whats the craziest thing is?"

"What?" I asked.

"Old buddy is another reason why I didnt get as many years. He stood up and made a statement. Judge says it was something he never seen before."


"I thank him for that too."

He turned to the window again and smiled.

"Daddy gone be home before you know it baby girl.."

A tear fell down his face as he stared at his only seed..

"I love you Leona .."

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