Chapter 2 - Isolde

Magsimula sa umpisa

"Anong house to herself, Cara? Like Isolde's family has dozens of househelps, 'no. Di ba nga, even her Mom's dogs have yayas of their own?"

"Leila, I meant that since her parents are out of the country, she's figuratively by herself!"

"Not figuratively but literally—"

"God, Girls, shut up. You're so ingay, you're giving me a migraine!" Queenie exclaimed. "Sit ka muna d'yan, Isolde. Don't tell me you'll take a cab to get home? Like ew cabs are so baho..."

I sighed sitting down again.

"But, I'm really bored. Why didn't the substitute prof show up kaya? Wala ba tayong pwedeng puntahan to pass the time? I'll ask my sundo make hintay rin if you, Girls, have anything exciting in mind."

"Exciting? Let's go have pizza?"

"Coleen, what is so exciting about getting fat, Girl? Are you even serious?"

"Cara, not everyone naman kasi is tabain like you, 'no."


"I'm just joking, Girl. Wait, how about we go to the mall and watch sine?"

"All the films being shown are baduy kaya," Leila interjected.

"Oh, I know where we'll go! Sa basketball game ni Kevin!"

I groaned. "Cara, I would rather sleep that watch sweaty guys fight over a ball."

"Girl, don't be KJ naman! Kevin is our friend and as friends we should support his team, 'di ba?"

"Gosh, Cara, do you even understand how basketball is played?" I asked. "Because I don't and I am not going to waste my afternoon watching something that I don't understand."

My friend shrugged. "Who cares how it is played? I don't understand it, too. But, we won't be there naman to learn about the sport, ano. We'll just be there for the boys."

"You mean to support the boys..." I said.

Cara shook her pretty head. "No, not to support them but for them," she replied before the four of them started giggling.

"I'm going home—"

"No, you're not."

"Queenie, I can't. If the five of us are going, who's going to tell our drivers to wait?"

"Gosh, Isolde, ang dali n'yang problema mo," Queenie said looking around the cafeteria. "Tracy! Tracy!" she called out.

One of the dance troupe's applicants approached our table. "You called me, Queenie?" the younger girl asked.

"Girl, can you be a sweetheart? I need a favor from you..."

"Sure, what is it?"

Queenie tore a page from her notebook then wrote the plate numbers of our cars down before handing it to Tracy.

"Can you look for those plate numbers at the parking lot later and tell the drivers that we still have dance practice"


"Thanks, Girl! You have our vote in the evaluation!"

"Seven?" I protested as soon as Tracy left.

"Yes, 7 PM. My gosh, Girl, don't be such a nun."

"7 PM is too late. Kawawa naman 'yung driver ko if he's going to wait for me until 7—"

"Girl, he's bayad naman to wait for you, 'di ba?" Cara said. "It's not like he's driving you around for free."

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