Chapter Forty-Nine

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Two sides, one room. My heart began to beat fast, not knowing what to do with a useless rifle. Evans raised his submachine, a hand-held, lightweight, short barrelled machine gun. I turned to see Ainsley raises his own, targeting Evans head. I gulped. I could hear multiple shots, spiraling through the air as I run to the corner of the room. I watched as Evan and his allies come inside the room. My eyes darted everywhere, looking for a specific person.

I turned to my left and saw Leo fighting off one of Evans men. I quickly looked around, trying to find a gun I could use to defend myself. I lunged down to the floor as I felt a huge impact to my back. I groaned and turned around to see Simon. He pointed the gun at me as I dodged the bullet that he fired.

I gripped onto Simon's ankle as he raised his leg and smacked me across the face. Bad idea. He fired again, hitting my ear. I winced in pain. Simon looked to his left and dodged away as a bullet pierced through the wall, "You." Simon whispered. Among the loud gunshots, I could hear his maniac laughter crystal clear. "We meet again." Leo said. I quickly got up as they both lunge to each other. I turned away and looked for the exit, the room was so foggy that I started coughing.

I met eyes with Ainsley as he quickly walked towards me, holding onto my shoulder tight. He pushed me in front of him as I felt a bullet pierce through me, my eyes widen but I couldn't look at anything but his cold gaze. I heard nothing but another gun shot as it fired through me, feeling the impact. It stung, but I was frozen in place. Everything felt slow, the loud shots suddenly felt muffled. "Finally, you're useful." Ainsley chuckled, letting me fall to my knees as I look down and saw my shirt stained in dark red blood.

Ainsley ran away from me, letting me fall to the floor with my demise. I failed them. Was the words that echoed through my mind. I could feel the warmth of the wooden floor, the groans and screams of the people that was around me. I closed my eyes, letting the void finally take over me. I never should've trusted them.

(Y/n)'s POV

Vien stared at me, her eyes a bit widen and her mouth agape. Finally, she looked at me with a straight face. "I cannot." She answered, facing away from me. "But isn't this what you do? Protect the people that asks for it?" I asked. For a long moment it was nothing but pure silence and the only thing that could be heard was the rain hitting the window.

"It is an oath, (y/n). To do so, we must share blood." She explained, making me gulp. I looked at my hand, tracing the lines with my index finger as I looked up at her once more. "Then let us share our blood, in union of one." Vien began to walk towards me, slowly as the wooden floor creaks in every step she took.

"As we unite into one, we must keep our solemn promises. Once I drink yours and you drink mine, we can no longer break the oath or death shall come upon to punish the breaker." Vien said as she knelt down in front of me, lifting up her shiny, silver hand as a sharp blade appeared on her index finger. Her other hand took my left hand. I bit my bottom lip down to calm myself, trying my best to stay tranquil.

She slowly began to move her index finger to my palm, "I shall make take the oath of allegiance, to protect and to stay loyal to you until death do us part." she said softly as I wince from the pain I felt. I closed my eyes, feeling my own blood on my hand pooling up. She turned my hand to the side and told me to squeeze as I did. I looked back and saw my blood staining the sheets and to her hand, it was red as wine. It looked like a massacre from all the dripping.

After a minute there was a quite amount of blood on her hand as she tilt her head and let it all fall to her mouth. I don't know what I had honestly gotten myself into, but I must survive. I am closer to freedom, and I'll do whatever it takes to get that.

She looked back at me again and sliced her own palm with her index finger. She didn't flinch or let out a sound. I suppose she's already used to it. I cupped my hand as she squeezed. Every second, the blood dripped down to my hand. And in every inch of that second, I could hear the muffled sounds of footsteps and gunshots from below.

I could feel my heart beating inside of me, telling me that I am alive. Alive, even if I almost got into the worst death scenarios. It gave me a warm feeling, like it reminded me to keep going. "I pledge my life to you, as my protector of this world\." I said as I slowly put my cupped hand to my mouth. I looked up at Vien as I said the words "Until death do us part." and as I closed my eyes, I drank it.

As the dark, red blood hit my tongue It tasted metallic. I looked up at Vien again as she bowed her head, "From this day on, I shall keep my promise to you as your guardian and protector." Vien explained softly. She looked up at me. "Get me out of here, Vien." I ordered as she smiled. She stood up "Gladly." she replied back, taking me to her arms. Vien kicked the closet with her shiny, silvery leg, as the closet let out a large thud! on the ground.

She began to ran and I held onto her tight, glass broke from behind as bullets pierced through in every window, creating a hole from the wall. We went down the stairs as we saw a man. He pointed his gun at Vien, "Put her down!" He screamed in order. Vien looked at me, "Kill him." I whispered to her ear. Vien nod in reply and slit his throat with her index finger swiftly before he could even move a muscle. I heard him groan in pain.

We turned to the corner and saw piles of dead men laying throughout the hall. Vien walked and as she did, we both could hear the loud grunting and gun shots to the opened door. Suddenly, a man flew out of the door. He turned and we met eyes. Those beautiful eyes that I haven't seen for such a long time. I could feel my eyes watering as he smiled at me. "Simon!" I screamed in delight.

He got up but I could hear him grunting. It raised an alarm inside of me, and I couldn't help but worry. He covered his left side as it was stained with dark, red blood. He began to walk towards me and just before he could take another step, I saw another man step outside of the door. My eyes widened and Simon stopped from his tracks. "One more step and you'll be done for, Simon." Leo said as he laughed.

"Leo! Leave him alone!" I screamed. He looked at me and scowled, "Vien, what are you doing? Is this some kind of sick joke?" Leo scoffed. "Put her back to her room!" Leo demanded, "I can't do that. Unless (y/n) tells me to." Vien replied back in a calm manner. I didn't know if she was even aware of the situation we're in right now. And its surely quite a life and death one. Leo let's out a big sigh, "I'm already having such a bad day and you're gonna add up,"Leo rolled his eyes, clearly irritated at the situation we're in right now.

Leo pointed his gun at Vien, "Put her back or else." Leo threatened, his gaze becoming cold. Vien protested once more and stood still. "You leave me with no choice, Vien." and just before Leo could fire, Simon lunged towards him and pinned him to the wall as Vien dodged the bullet, gripping her arms to my body.

Simon took Leo's gun in one swift and pointed it at him. I bit my bottom lip again, feeling frustrated over what's happening. As much as I hate the man that stood before me, the man that made my life a living hell, I wish no blood to be spilled.

"Go ahead, pull it." I heard a familiar voice say. Behind them was uncle Ainsley, pointing a a gun to Simon's head. Simon stood still as a big grin appeared on Leo's face, "It's death for death," he laughed.

"Come on! do it! do it!" Leo screamed, making Simon scowl. I closed my eyes, trying to think. On the spur of the moment, I heard it fire.

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