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So, I just wanted to leave a note here...since I haven't done that in a long time. Um. First, I want to thank ALL OF YOU who have been reading this story. I've noticed many of my older chapters are getting into the thousnads of reads, and that my latest have been getting many reads in a short time, and for that, THANK YOU! Secondly. I apologize for the long waits between some of my chapters. For some reason, my personal computer wouldn't let me publish. When I tried, it would put a hashtag ( # ) at the end of the link and do nothing. It seems to be working now, but that's how it was. And lastly. To those who have been motivating me to put my brain into overdrive to write these last few chapters, I thank you. I 've been trying to make up for lost time, and have luckily caught up. This Monday, I go back to school, but I will still be trying to put out as many chapters as I can. I tend to write when I can, with whatever comes. Anyways. On with the story!

-Colleen :)



"I remember." he said, eyes full of joy.

"Uhm, guys? You having a moment?" Niall asked.

"Niall. He remembers!" I squealed.

The lads in the pool stopped whatever they were doing and stared at us. Sarah took the twins inside, and the boys came over to Harry and I.

"What are you talking about?" Niall asked.

"I remember. Everything. All my memories from before the accident." Harry said, still in shock.

"All kissing him?" Zayn asked.

"Apparently so. Sometimes, it's not stories or pictures that bring back memories. It's actions that were special in any way before the memory was lost."

"Come on. Let's go inside." Niall said. I suppose he wanted to test what had come back. We all changed into comfortable clothes and got together in the living room while the kids played.

"I can't believe you actually remember now. Like, REALLY remember." Zayn said.

"Should we let the world know?" Liam asked.

"Liam, You just want to do a Twitcam." I said.

He smiled.

"Why don't we all just post something? Easy enough, isn't it?" Niall said.

"That is," I started, turning to Harry, "if you're comfortable with it."

Harry seemed to think about for a second. "Yeah, let's do it." he spoke, smiling.

Every one of us pulled out phones and posted something. I hesitated, and wondered what to put. I checked Taylors Twitter to see if he had said anything, and he hadn't been on since the day I ran. I decided it was time to say it.

Juliet_Horan:) : Harry remembers. And I'm single. #OnWithLife

Only a few seconds after I posted, tweets filled with hate and joy came. Joy that Harry remembered everything, and hate that Taylor and I were now done. I figured once people had gotten over the initial shock, they would be happy for Taylor and I, now knowing it just wouldn't work. But many of the replies were hurtful... like it my fault everything happened.

"Jewels? Hey. Just ignore them. They don't know what happened to you." Harry said. I looked at him sadly, and he out his arm around my shoulders. I put my head in the crook of his neck, just tired. Tired of hate. Tired of not being able to tell people what happened.

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