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I smirked at his scared face enjoying every second of it. I get up again and touch my face my fingers now covered in blood "you son of a-
I kick him pissed at how long it'll take to recover at least he'll be dead. I clock the gun and point it at him his eyes widening him screaming again "god damnit why are you so loud shut up it'll be easier" putting my finger on the trigger before 💥BAM 💥 a door opens Vincenzo runs to me seeing my hurt face anger building up turning to Han seo
"It wasn't him..turn around" he turns around finding Jun woo almost dead more anger building up in him  "You dare put hands on a women specifically my woman" he says basically growling "hey I was gonna kill him no fair" I say in a pouty manner he looks back at me "he doesn't deserve a painless death!" I guess he was right but I already made him go through pain I'd prefer to just kill him I was a very "get to the point" person just get the job done. "What does it matter, he's useless what could he possibly have to offer just kill him seeing him dead is more then enough" before Vincenzo said anything I turn to silent Han seo and an idea sparked "Han seo" he immediately turns back at me "Why dont you do it " I give him an unreadable expression he was always a shy scared person but he was like a ticking bomb any fucking day he would just explode and kill anyone. "do it" I hand him the only thing I have left of protection full trust in him Vincenzo giving me a shocked expression Han seo now holds up the gun at woo a little shaky "Remember everything he's done to you what he's done to everyone . He deserves this" he takes a few seconds spaced out pointing it directly at his head before woo could start pleading to spare him Han seo instantly pulls the trigger bullet going straight into his head blood splattering all over him.

(Sorry this is short I'm running out of ideas😐))

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