Cabin 5 {Chapter 2}

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-=-=-CHAPTER 2-=-=-

The two young vampires standing before me blinked their eyes patiently. I could have sworn they were twins if their faces hadn't looked so different. They both had jet black hair. Daysi had a tattoo of three stars next to her right eye. I couldn't help wonder what they meant. The weirdest thing was that they both had shimmering silver eyes. It was nothing like anything I'd every seen before, not even in a diamond. They had the same black outfit on. I looked closer at the collar and there was a tiny crest that read,"Camp Fanglore." I guess it was a uniform. 

"Relax." Said Esther. She was about to say something else, but my stomach grumbled. Daysi smirked and shared a glance with Esther.

"Hungry?" They said in unison. As in agreement, my stomach grumbled louder. I began to worry.

"Is there anything to eat here? You know... Besides b-blood and meat?" I stuttered. My voice wavered shakily. Daysi smiled.

"Not to worry. I may be no good at vamp skills, but I've got a knack for cooking. What are you up for?" She asked. My stomach grumbled distantly. I was suddenly craving a certain food, something I hadn’t had in a long time.

“Can you make me Fettuccini Alfredo with broccoli?” I asked hungrily. Daysi grinned.

“The best.” She said. “You don’t want any meat in it?” Daysi asked.

I scrunched up my face and pointed a finger at myself. “Vegetarian.” I stated. Daysi nodded and disappeared. POOF.

Esther looked up at the ceiling. “So… Do you like chocolate pie?” She asked randomly. I couldn’t stop myself from bursting out laughing. She didn’t get it.

“What? I like chocolate pie. Pumpkin pie? Gross.” Esther said, looking around for back up. I don’t know what was so funny about that. Either that a vampire was randomly funny or that vampires actually eat real food, not just blood.

Suddenly, Daysi reappeared holding a silver platter covered with a lid. She placed it on the table and lifted the lid. Inside was perfectly made Alfredo, and a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. Copper silverware was on the right hand side. Steam rose steadily from the pasta and broccoli, and I looked at it, wondering if I should blow on it or something.

“Go ahead, eat it.” Daysi encouraged. “It won’t be too hot.”

I tried one forkful and it tasted like heaven in my mouth. I ate it all in a matter of seconds. Then I drank the orange juice. It was perfectly sweet and had lots of pulp. I could tell it was fresh.

After I drank the very last drop, my stomach was full and warm. I felt a bit sleepy, but vampires were in the room, therefore sleep was impossible. They both smiled warmly at me.

“So… You both are… Vampires?” I asked. Esther and Daysi nodded silently. “How exactly does that work? You know…”

“Well it’s pretty simple.” Esther began. “Some babies are born with a rare case of the nameless vampire disease. Let’s call it… Vampitus. It’s an infection in your blood stream that usually goes unnoticed unless the baby is really powerful. In that case, humans call it a high blood pressure.”

“The kid gets older normally, but by the time they reach ten or eleven, their vampire form is ready to take over. They fall into a coma-like state where their heart stops so the body can transition. Humans find no pulse, and bury the body.” Esther continued.

“After about three months of being ‘dead’,” She said, making bunny ear quotations. “The vampire form is ready to take over. A natural instinct of newly born vampires is to smell. No matter, what they will smell a trace of blood, which their body needs after three months of none.”

“There are lots of camps like these all over the world, and if they don’t turn to killing humans, they will eventually find one. To supply blood, we have the Blood Store. No, it’s not blood stolen from the hospital and put into a refrigerator…”

That is exactly what I was going to ask about.

“We have pets.” Daysi said matter-of-factly.

“W-what do you m-mean?” I demanded shakily. “To drain their b-blood?”

“No, silly! We care for them. They are serpents disguised as other animals. Every month, they produce the blood their particular owner needs to survive. It’s really a good thing we only need refills once a month!” Esther laughed.

“How do you get the blood into your system?” I asked, still curious. Esther grinned mischievously.

“Sorry, we can’t tell you that. We have rules.” Daysi replied.

“So, who’s in charge here?” I asked, changing the subject. Esther looked at me, approval in her gaze.

“That would be Caleb. He’s the head of the council, and our leader.” I nodded slowly.

“One more question.” I said. Esther and Daysi looked at me questioningly. “Do you suck blood out of humans?” Esther’s eyes glittered and she looked like she had been licking a lime. And trust me, that is not something you'd want to try.

“Ew, only if we absolutely have to. Do you know how disgusting you guys taste?” Esther shuddered, making a face.

Once again, the urge to burst out laughing was irresistible. This time, both vampires joined me as I collapsed in a fit of giggles.


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