Chapter Five

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I turn the TV off, to turn it on again

Staring at the blades of the fan as it spins around

Counting every crack, the clock is wide awake

Talking to myself, anything to make a sound

I told you I wouldn't call, I told you I wouldn't care

But baby climbing the walls gets me nowhere

I don't think that I can take this bed getting any colder

Come over, come over, come over, come over, come over

Come Over - Sam Hunt

:: Sam's POV ::

"Sam Hunt."

I looked up to see Kyle standing beside my truck as I slammed the door shut and dropped my car keys into the pocket of my shorts. This was the exact reason I was so unsure of attending the barbeque Matt was throwing but I swore I would be there and the last thing I wanted was to let down my crew now that I had finally returned to Cedartown. Matt warned me Holly would be here but he had said he wasn't sure if Kyle would show or not; well... he showed.

I stood face to face with him, my eyes locked on his as I clenched my jaw in my best attempts to keep my mouth shut. Kyle's expression grew to one of a cocky manner, as if he was boasting and I had all I could to keep myself from making him hit the ground. From what I understand, he's a cop now and it sure suits him well; but, I certainly don't need to end up in jail when I put my fist to his jaw and trust me, I want to in the worst way.

"Sam." Holly's voice had quickly pulled my attention off of Kyle and onto her for a brief moment. Her blond hair fell around her as it sparkled in the sunlight, her sapphire eyes that I had gotten lost in so many times over the years covered by a pair of oversized sunglasses. My heart still ached for her.

I walked past Kyle, deliberately shoving my shoulder into him as I passed by. I ignored Holly's attempt at conversation and could feel her eyes on me as I reached into the bed of my truck and pulled out my cooler. I knew that it was harsh but I didn't want her thinking things were cool between us because they weren't. Part of me felt guilty for ignoring her, but the other part of me knew I really didn't have much to say to her and I wasn't one for pretending. There was no sense in arguing over Kyle or the relationship she shared with him. I don't want to say a million things I may regret, silence was my only option and I was sure it said much more than any words ever could.

I know that some of my buddies thought I was over reacting, almost as if I had no right to be upset anymore and maybe they were right, but this was personal for me and I knew that they didn't know all of the details. Kyle was one of the people I stayed in touch with the most when I left, I confided in him when Holly and I split. I called him constantly trying to find out how she was doing, how she was coping because I knew that she wouldn't talk to me. She asked me not to call; she wanted a clean break and didn't want to be reminded of me if she didn't have to be. That was her choice, not mine and I did my best to respect that. It was all her choice and I did whatever I had to do in order to make sure she would be happy. I regretted every day that I let her go. Every. Day.

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