Chapter 29

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Chapter 29

-9 months later-

Days flew by like paper in a strong wing. Life was better better than it had ever been in either of their lives. Daryl's life had been a dark frearfull road but was now a road of beautiful sunshine, flowers, and hope. And at the end of each mile was two beautiful women. One his lover and the other was now his daughter figure. It wasn't long until she adopted the name Dylan Dixon. She became a mix of box Daryl and Beth. She had hope and light that was covered by grime and dirt and after a while that dirt was washed away. She also had the instinct of a hunter and her and Daryl began to try to outshoot each other. They would sit around their fire place and laugh until one fell asleep.

Beth's hormones where out of wack and Daryl and Dylan tried to not step out of line. Which happened often than not.

When Beth's water broke everyone freaked. Dylan ran around the house gatherings everything. Daryl was cursing and panicking.

Layla Katherine Dixon was delivered that day.

It was also a delivery of a new start.

End Of Book 1

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