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A V E R I E ' S   P O V

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A V E R I E ' S P O V

"Oh you have got to be kidding me." I huff, stopping in my tracks and leaning down to retie my shoe laces for the third time this morning.

I start running again as the slight morning breeze whistles through the trees. The running track underneath my feet crunches with each step from the fallen leaves scattered on the ground. The rising morning sun causing a subtle orange glow to my already glistening skin.

My apartment in DC was right next to Rock Creek park, where I find myself running every morning before work.

Running is the best stress reliever, it clears my mind to face another day.

Starting over is never easy.

But the day I packed my life into boxes and moved to DC was a turning point in my life.

For the better.

The past year living in my hometown I became a shell of my former else. Gone was the carefree college student, replaced with a version of myself my own family didn't even recognise.

I'd let myself become a punching bag for his problems. I should have listened to them when I had the chance.

The move has been good for me. I'm out in my own now, 775 miles from anyone who knows me.

Growing up in a small town in Illinois where everyone knows everyone gives you the mindset that you go to school, get married, have kids and settle down there forever. Not many people leave.

I'm glad I did.

Saying goodbye was hard, especially to my parents. They understood why I needed to leave, but that didn't make it any easier leaving them and my brother behind.

So here I was, in DC where I can walk down the street and no one knows me. No one throws me those looks and whispers when they think I can't hear them.

The one that gets me the most was the all the points and whispers. "Do you think it's true?"

I can't believe people would actually think I made it up. But he's gone now, he's out of my life.

He destroyed and tore me down for months and I'll be damned if he makes me waste anymore of my life being scared and wallowing in pity.

He can't control my life now that he's not in it.
Which is exactly why I moved away to get a fresh start.

I deserve a fresh start.

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