Chapter 1

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A.N. - Hey there(: Thanks for checking out my story! I hope you enjoy! Oh and before you start reading, this is one of my older stories, currently on it's second revision(: All feedback, both positive and negative is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

          Buzzing suddenly entered my head as I aimlessly waved my hand trying to stop the noise. My fingers reached their destination and the alarm clock shut off. Rolling over, I checked the time and groaned. Six a.m. was way too early for any high school student to wake up at. I closed my eyes and slowly drifted back into unconsciousness until an alarm that can never be turned off destroyed my peace again.

“Callie, wake up!” Mom hollered up the stairs.

“Coming!” I half mumbled, half screamed.

          Stretching before getting out of bed, I though how relieved I was about not being a freshman. There was no pampering from the teachers or smart remarks from the upperclassmen and the sophomore class is the most ignored. Freshmen get the orientation into the school and the juniors and seniors are on the busy road for college preparation. My tousled hair fell against my back as I pulled the pony tail out and tossed it aside. Slowly but surely I finished dressing by six-thirty. I grabbed my patched peace sign bag, quickly checked my hair in the mirror, and raced down the stairs. Dad was already gone to the office; he went in early so he could be home when school was over.

“Morning honey,” Mom’s voice was always so perky in the morning; I have no clue how she does it.

          My eyes drooped as I mustered a “Morning” back. On the counter was a plate of my favorite bagels. I shoved one in my mouth.

“Remember what we discussed now.” Mom’s face turned stern. She had a drop of coffee hanging onto her lip, resistant to fall off.

“Yes mother, I remember and I don’t plan on forgetting about it either.” If I know my dad well enough, he’ll never let it escape my mind.

          I ate the second half of my bagel more slowly and wanted to appear lost in thought so mom might just keep to herself. I know that is selfish and mean, but I needed to just rest for a while longer before a whole new school year starts. Glancing at the clock yet again this morning, it seemed to have skipped ahead to seven-fifteen.

“Bye mom! I’m going to school!” I paused and waited for a reply, but I supposed she was in her room getting ready. I slipped out the door and walked out into the crisp morning air. Autumn, the second worst season of all for two reasons: school starts and cold weather. Winter ranked first because after the holidays it seemed to just carry on and on. I sighed and checked the streets and saw the old bus looming in the street creeping closer. The yellow bus screeched to a halt and opened up the folding doors. I breathed in the smell of sweat and leather seats as I strode to the back of the bus.

          Beth and Keith were already engrossed in a conversation that was most likely meaningless. They muted their voices and their babble stopped. Beth looked exhausted, probably since she’s the type of person that cannot put a good book down even at three in the morning. Keith on the other hand, has a schedule he goes by when it’s one hour before he goes to bed.

“Can you believe summer is over?” Beth sipped on her to-go coffee as she leaned against the window.

“You know, it’s not so bad. The faster school starts, the sooner it ends.” Keith inputted.

“Um, Keith, you’re like a genius. Of course you’re the only one that would think that.” I said.

“Anyway,” Beth continued,” have you guys heard anything new about Death Street?”

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