Meeting The Plastics

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The next day at school, I ask the two kids I met yesterday - Hayley and Pete - to help me find my Health class.

"Okay, so you'll need to go to the back building for that class," Hayley says, looking over my schedule. "We'll take you there."

I walk with Hayley and Pete until we stop at a grassy field behind the basketball courts. "Um, guys?" I gulp, looking around. "This isn't the back building."

"Fun story about the back building," Pete laughs. "It burned down in 2005."

"Are we ditching class? Won't we get in trouble?" I gasp. Two days into my new life, and I'm already breaking rules. I don't want to get arrested.

"Friends don't let friends get in trouble. We're your friends, right?" Hayley grins.

Deciding my Health class can wait, I sit in the grass with my new friends and watch the gym class. Pete stares at a white-haired boy bouncing a basketball. "Who's that?" I ask. "Oh, that's Gerard Way," Pete explains, reapplying his eyeliner. "Gerard is one of the dumbest boys you'll ever meet."

We watch as the basketball hits Gerard in the face. Two boys run over to help him. Hayley tells me, "Those boys helping him are his clique. Together, they're the Plastics."

One of the boys drinks out a bottle of milk as he sits down next to Ryan Ross. "That guy drinking milk is Brendon Urie. He gets really good grades in English because he writes sins, not tragedies." "No, not him, the other guy," I say, pointing at a tattooed boy.

"You don't know him?" Hayley gasps. "That's-that's Andy Hurley! Never underestimate Andy Hurley. He may seem like your typical vegan tattooed drummer, but in reality, he is so much more!"

"He's the queen bee, the star!" Pete exclaims. "If South Shore were Kerrang Magazine, he'd be on the cover. Everyone knows about Andy Hurley - everyone! I mean, he's Andy Hurley, oh, how do I even begin to explain Andy Hurley?"

Sure enough, in the hallways, everyone is talking about this "Andy Hurley" dude.

Andy Hurley is flawless!

He owns two drum sets and a red Mustang.

I hear his tattoos are insured for $10,000!

I hear he does underwear commercials... in Japan!

His favorite movie is The Avengers!

One time, he met Elton John on a plane, and he told him he was beautiful!

One time, he punched me in the face! It was awesome!

"I just don't understand," I tell Pete on the way to lunch. "How is the whole school obsessed with Andy Hurley? "

"Every year he wins Spring Fling King," Pete informs me.

"Why do you care that he wins every year, Pete?" Hayley asks.

"The Spring Fling King gets two gift cards to Hot Topic. I love that store!" Pete says defensively.

"Wow, Pete, you really are too emo to function."

We walk to lunch together. I'm about to sit down with Hayley and Pete when suddenly, Andy Hurley taps me on the shoulder.

What could Andy Hurley, queen bee if South Shore High, want with a fedora-wearing-geek like me?

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