Chapter 5

Adam's POV

The drive home from dropping Kaitlyn off went pretty fast. I drove past the park where I had practically saved Kait's life from that son-of-a-bitch. I can already tell I'm going to go through hell trying to protect this girl. Why do I even care? What makes her so special? Maybe it's her long flowing hair that’s so silky, or her big brown eyes that sends tingling sensations throughout my body. Maybe it's how cute she looks when she blushes. Haha. I should make her blush more often. Maybe it's her down to earth personality. She's feisty, independent, and smart. Her beauty is just the icing on the cake. Maybe it's because she's the only other girl that I've met that doesn't drool over me. She's so unique in a number of ways. Maybe that's why I feel the need to defend her. I will not fail her like I did Hailey— no. Don't think about her right now. My knuckles turn white from gripping the steering wheel too hard as I scowl at the memory. "Shit." I hiss as I pound on the steering wheel before I get out of the truck. I walk inside my house only to find my poor excuse of a father lying passed out on the floor. The smell of alcohol hit me as soon as I walk into the living room. I feel bad for him. I find it ironic that when my father broke down after my mother's death, he turned to the source that had killed her. I helped him up on the couch and laid him in the correct position so that he doesn't kill himself from puking in his sleep.

"Ughh." He moaned before falling back to sleep. This is ridiculous. If my mom was here, she'd put him in check. She'd help me with my problems like she always had. She'd make everything all better again. I go up to my room and lay in bed. I lay there for a while thinking 'Why me? Why do I have to be cursed?' before I'm met by more nightmares.


Kait's POV

The last couple of days have been a drag. I haven't talked to Adam about anything else about our situation. Every time I tried to talk about it, he'd brush me off and say that telling me is not going to help. But I have the right to know right? I mean, if some psycho thug was after you, you'd want a clearer explanation right? It's my life. I should know what's going on. Well, the bright side is that at least no one else had tried to kill me. I smell my mom's cooking coming from the kitchen. Mmmm. Pancakes. My favorite. As soon as I step out of bed, my phone vibrates on my table. A text from Tia.

‘Hey lazy. Get up. We're all going shopping today!' Saturday is usually the day when Tia, Nikki, and I have a girl's day out consisting of shopping and going to the movies. But, the past couple of weeks, I have been busy visiting Aunt Sharon and babysitting Stevie.

'Okay. Pick me up at noon.' I need a break from everything. Worrying about Aunt Sharon and some psycho guy that probably wants me dead can be stressful.

'See you then.'

It’s about 10 am and I can already hear Kyler and Eddie in the game room playing Xbox arguing about tacos. I make my way down stairs and say good morning to my mom and dad. Mom yells that breakfast is ready and everyone makes their way to the kitchen table. My dad sits next to my mom across from Eddie, Kyler and I, with Stevie beside her.

"Mommy?" Stevie asks sweetly while poking around his pancakes and eggs.

"Yes sweetie?"

"What are these?" He says pointing to his pancakes.

"You know what those are honey. They're chocolate chips."

"Speaking of chocolate chips..." Kyler gets up to get the bag of chocolate chips on the counter only to pour half of the bag onto his plate.

"Hey!" Eddie yells.

"What?" Kyler asks confused.

"Pass the sweetness. Oh and get the syrup while you're up." Kyler just looks at Eddie like he has three heads.

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