|Utahime x fem reader x Shoko|

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Guys it's about to get gay in here, buckle up. (Mentions of alcohol)

You were at Shoko's house, it was a casual friday, you would mostly do these with her, you two loved drinking red wine until y'all passed out. Today was no different, you were three bottles deep into a blissful drinking afternoon.

"I see you already are having fun without me." Utahime was standing in front of you, looking at you smiling.

"God how did you get in here? Did you break into Shoko's house?" you asked jokingly, looking at the brown haired beauty with alcohol tinted vision.

Utahime giggled at your little note sitting down next to you, taking a sip from your glass. You watched her carefully, her plump lips were covered in a pretty deep orange lipstick, leaving a mark on the rim of the glass. It was a beautiful sight, as your eyes wandered towards her fair skin on her neck, her collar bones and her breasts.

"I see you made yourselves comfortable, let me get you another glass Utahime." Shoko's voice filled the room and broke your trance, looking at the two of you.

When she reappeared with a wine glass, there were three shot glasses in her hands too, and a bottle of some crazy strong alcohol.

"You only take this out when you want to get wasted, do you want to kill us?" you giggled as Utahime stood up, taking the glasses from Shoko, revealing her ass in full sight. She was in a blue dress, made of silk, the material perfectly smoothing over her perky features.

Your hand was acting on its own, as now the sound of skin hitting filled the room, making Shoko and Utahime look at you, as you playfully slapped her butt.

"Sorry, sorry." you giggled as both of them followed. "You know I have a thing for you butt Ieri." you said between giggles.

"Yea yea, I'm used to it by now." she gave you a seductive smile, making your core hotter. She sat into your lap, opening the bottle, pouring drinks for the three of you.

Her body sticked to yours so well, her features on yours, as you grabbed her thigh, so soft. You slowly pulled her dress upwards, revealing her beautiful smooth skin, you dragged your nails towards her inner tighs, grazing over the sensitive area, as Shoko rocked her hips slightly forwards. This was making you go crazy as she turned towards you, handing you the shot glass, full.

Your eyes met hers, as she deeply looked into them, licking her lips.

"Cheers!" she said as she drank the liquid fast, her whole body shivering. "Wow this is strong even for me." she looked away from you, eyes drafting to Utahime, who was looking at the two of you.

Her eyes met with yours, smiling cutely, then stretching her arms, making her breasts pop slightly, still not breaking eye contact. You were getting flustered, hot, not sure what to call it, as both of them were teasing you really hard. They loved to do that to you, teaming up against you, then teasing you as much as they could.

Shoko turned around again, coming closer to your face with hers, your lips slightly touching. She kissed your cheek slowly, moving towards your neck, pulling your shirt away a little, revealing your collarbones as she licked your hot skin, making your heat throb between your hardly clenched tighs. She kissed your skin, grazing her teeth over the sensitive area.

You suddenly felt someone turn your head backwards as Utahime kissed your lips passionately, grabbing your breast with one of her hands, taking your nipple between her small fingers, teasing it trough the fabric of your clothes.

Shoko turned around, now having full acces to your neck, as she started unbuttoning your shirt, revealing your breasts. She planted kisses over your chest, sucking on the skin, as she bit your nipple, making you moan into your kiss with Utahime. She started rocking her hips on yours, creating a small friction, but just enough to make you grab her hips harshly, guiding her movements with your arms.

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