Chapter Forty-Eight

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(Y/n)'s POV

"Simon.." I whispered to myself, "Help me." I opened my eyes halfway and heard nothing but gunshots firing. I wish I could run to his warm hands, but I was only getting dragged away. I felt trapped in a lifeless body. Arms that cannot move, and a pair of legs that cannot walk. I'm useless. I don't know which one was the worse. Marrying the devil himself or this unbearable pain I felt all throughout my body. I think its all a tie.

"Doesn't feel good does it? Tasting your own medicine?" Sebastian chuckled, "Losing someone I love is worse than what you're feeling." He added. "She's a crazy bitch," I replied back, giving back a small smile. I heard gunshots and glass shattering. I heard muffled screams from outside and footsteps coming from the corner. Another bullet shattered the glass window behind us as I felt the cold air brush through me.

The clouds were dark as it rained like waterfalls. Finally, I felt a wave of relief and hope come through me. There I saw a man with tanned skin, and eyes that I've seen a thousand times before. "Get your hands off of (y/n) right now!" Zach demanded. He pointed his assault rifle which looked like an Ak-47 as Sebastian let go of me, letting me fall on the floor.

"Zach!" I cried, with tears in my eyes. He slowly went towards me as I lay there on the floor. "Help me, please!" I begged. Zach carefully picked me up and looked at Sebastian, "Leave (y/n) to me, please go assist sir Ainsley." Zach said, his voice making me shiver from how cold it sound. I stared, thinking that it was only an act. He looked down at me, his face giving way with no emotions. "Good to see you again, (y/n)." He smiled.

I felt my heart sunk to the bottom of my soul, like ice melting away. "How could you, Zach. I...I trusted you." I whispered, "You should never had, (y/n)." Zach darted his eyes away from mine and walked to the door in front of us. He opened it and there stood Vien, "Hello, (y/n)." Vien greeted softly. Zach put me down on the bed and before he could walk away I pulled on to his sleeve.

"I pray that you'll never take a breath after the breaths you'll take away today." I said, he pulled my hand away from his sleeve and walked towards the door, "You'll regret this, Zach." I added as he slammed the door close. Vien walked towards the closet and pulled to block the door.

She turned to me and smiled, "You killed Franzeska." She sighs. "I don't know why I'm even still here when I have no one to protect." Vien added. "But you are your own master. You still have a purpose, Vien." I replied back. I heard Vien chuckle, "I don't go by that motto, (y/n). I thought you were vulnerable, but I suppose I was wrong after you shot her right in the face." She said, looking out at the window.

I heard another gun shot from outside. I turned back to Vien, "Why do u even protect someone else rather than yourself?" I asked. If this is the only way to get out or maybe find a soft spot on her, I have a chance to get out of this. She lowered down the sleeve of her red yukata, revealing metal instead of skin. She put her shiny, robotic hand to her heart and looked at me. "I'm already protected by my heart, (y/n)." She stated.

I lay down on the soft pillow and laughed, "So now I'm dealing with a robot? What has this world come to?" I asked myself. "I am not a robot, (y/n). I am a cyborg. I came from the Silent Temple. We believe that our fate here and to be born within the Silent Temple is to protect the people that asks for us until we vanish from this land." Vien explained. "Then what made you into...that." I asked.

"Yuro Matashi," Vien turned to look at me as she continued on, "Mr. Matashi cut my arm and replaced my heart. He was a scientist and was obsessed with machines. He told me that if I became a machine I would be a better protector. Unfortunately, he died before he was able to make me fully machine." she sighs. I didn't know if she was purely insane or if the one who did this to her was more insane.

"You definitely don't know how life works, Vien." I chuckled as she stared, "Life has lots of surprises, and I wish it wasn't this kind of a surprise. Live your life, Vien and don't make the same mistake as I did. Stuck, captivated. For years I longed to be free. It honestly feels like forever since I was able to go out without anyone lurking behind me." I slowly sat myself up and smiled at her.

"But I'm not like you, (y/n)." Vien said, hearing her voice raise a bit as her eyebrow twitch. "Well, people have many dreams in life. I don't think you're any different." I replied back softly, hoping that this would change her mind in some way. "I do have one," She sighs, looking away from me. The sky felt more dark, more cold. I could hear the muffled sound of the rain as it hit the window. The rain made me feel tranquil but was only ruined by muffled gun shots.

"I want a family." Vien said, breaking the silence. "Its never too late for that." I chuckle, trying to keep the vibe in thjs room positive. "But I cannot bear a child. I am a protector and nothing more." Vien straightened her posture and strained her voice. A protector. I bit my lip as I fiddled with my fingers, trying to find the words and courage to say it. I have a slim chance that it would work, but I feel like this is the only way out. I breathe in deeply and looked at Vien, saying the words out loud. "Then..protect me."

Zach's POV

I turned to the corner and spotted one of the people I met when Calore Evans arrived. He pointed his gun at me but when he finally realized it was only me, he gave out a sigh of relief. "Ah, just you." He said as he combed through his blond hair. "Where's the others?" I asked as I peeked through the window, "They're downstairs. Gotta keep lookin' see ya around." He pat me on the shoulder. I turned to look at him and held onto his shoulder as he stopped, "I already checked there, you should look for upstairs." I explained.

He looked at me and shrugged off my hand, "I can look where I want to." he replied back. I sigh as he turned to the corner, "You honestly make things harder for me." I rolled my eyes. I held onto the trigger and pulled, the bullet piercing through his head as he fell to his knees. I went towards him and kicked him down, letting out a loud thump.

I turned back to where I was and headed down the stairs. I duck down as a bullet hit the wall right in front of me. I got up and shot, hitting him at his right shoulder. I heard him wince in pain as he got up from his knees, "I knew you were a good for nothing liar." the brown haired man said. He was Jonathan, one of the few people I also met back at the camp.

I jumped down from the railings of the stairs as I fell backwards to the wall. Jonathan shot as the bullet left a scratch on my left shoulder. I went towards the window as he cornered me. He lunged his fist to my face, making me turn to my right and another to my stomach. I groaned in pain and kicked back, hitting his stomach.

He tumbled backwards and just before I could shoot him he began to lunge. I pulled the trigger but nothing came out. I cursed under my breath, "Motherfucker. They tricked me." I whispered to myself. I looked back and just before I could accept defeat, I heard a gun fire as Jonathan stopped midway. His eyes widened and dark red appeared on his shirt. He fell down to the ground as I was met with another pair of eyes.

"A word of advice, double check your bullets." Ainsley said. He beckoned me over and walked to his left. I run towards him and as I turned, I saw piles of dead men laying on the ground. I gulped as I adjusted my collar. "Thank you, sir." I said, trying my best not to stumble through with my words. Ainsley opened the door and there I saw Leo and Sebastian and also a couple more people I couldn't identify.

Leo walked towards Ainsley with a worry look, "Father, where's (y/n)?!" Leo asked as he pace back and forth. Ainsley only stared at his son, "Father I want an answe-" Leo was cut off by a slap to his face. For a moment it was silence. Leo faced his father once more, his worried look suddenly vanishing into thin air. "Keep your mouth shut, Leo." Ainsley said as he brushed through his hair.

I darted my eyes every corner of the room, as I suddenly heard a finger snap. I turned to Ainsley and one of the men whispered to his ear. He nod in reply, but I couldn't decipher what they talked about. I heard the door made a loud thud! as I backed off.

I heard their gun clicking and others checking their ammo as they stood there. The door slammed opened and we saw Calore Evans, and right among the men behind him was Simon. We made eye contact and I saw a hint of disappointment in his eyes like I saw in (y/n)'s. I ignored him.

I felt defenseless with my gun, there was nothing inside of it. "Well, well, well, we meet again Ainsley." Evans gave out a chuckle as a smirk formed on his lips. "As the French says, bonjour." said Ainsley.

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