~24~ little monsters

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Lucille slumps to the ground in a heap. Everyone’s eyes are fixed on one person. Constanze brushes aside stray strands of auburn hair away from her forehead. She holds her shoulder bag above her head — the item that just knocked out crazy Lucille. Her mouth is set in a grim line. 

“Rich b!tch,” she says. “I would have given her my lip gloss if she’d just asked…”

Monique wraps her arm around Constanze’s shoulder. “There, there, babe.”

Valerie’s hand is covering her mouth. “Is—is she dead?”

Panic spreads across the faces of the girls. Lucille’s baby-blue jacket compliments the ivory layer of snow covering the pitch. Her blonde hair obscures her face. 

Eventually, Elena shuffles forward to check her pulse. “She’s alive.”

There’s a collective sigh of relief. Constanze grins for a brief moment, grateful she’s not a teen murderer. Her father’s a geography teacher, and one of the hardest taskmasters in the school. In short, he’s a right b@stard. But at least he doesn’t show any favouritism. Constanze’s twin sister Berenice was slaughtered a few weeks ago. She’d shown a bit of lip in class (that was during her rebel phase) and Mr Kessler shamed her in front of her crush. He dug out a wallet of baby photos. Berenice was one ugly baby…

Apparently, she hasn’t spoken to her father for four weeks. 

The Mean girls glance over at me. I’m struggling in the chair, trying to loosen the rope they’ve tied around my waist. My fingers are like raw meat — dead and frozen.

There’s a hint of pity in Constanze’s grey eyes as she meets my wide-eyed expression. Help me, b!tch.

But that’s the last thing they’ll do.

“Let’s get out of here before someone comes,” Constanze says, as she pulls her bag straps over her shoulders.

They only care about self-preservation. If you opened up a Mean girl, you wouldn’t find a heart. You’d just find a small, shrivelled up stone. They haven’t got hearts like normal humans. They’re little monsters.

“We can go to that cafe. The one where all the hot guys hang out…” Monique chimes in cheerily.

“What was in your bag, Connie?” Valerie says as they rush off.

“I’ll tell you later.”


The Mean Girls certainly wouldn’t win any prizes for rope-tying. I’m almost free from my bounds. Almost there…

I’m wriggling like a bloody snake, trying to get the rough rope to loosen a little bit more.

A series of low groans jolts me out of my concentration. Sh!t. My heart drops in my stomach. I watch as Lucille begins to stir. She brushes aside her blonde hair and rubs her palm along her forehead. Her eyes snap up to look at me. She seems slightly confused as to why I’m naked and tied to a rickety chair. Realisation finally dawns on her features. I don’t fail to miss the flicker of fear that passes across her face as she sees my expression.

She knows I’m going to kill her with my bare hands. Lucille knows that if it was just me and her, her father would have to pay for a good plastic surgeon. She’d be destroyed.

That’s why she needed her minions to assist her.

Lucille scrambles up from the snow and grabs my clothes and bag. She smirks at me and runs off towards the changing rooms. The b!tch pauses near the exit. It’s only then that I see a shadowy figure hovering by the touchlines. Lucille scowls at… him. She soon disappears out of sight. A tall, chubby bulk of a boy heads towards me. I struggle furiously and scrape my arms against the rope in the process. Fvck it!

I should have known. The b!tches roped Claude’s assistant into their evil endeavours. He is easily susceptible to female attention…

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