Chapter 8 "Saddling up"

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The Golden Age


Generally used when referring to the twenty-five to fifty years before the Great Cataclysm. Records from the area are far less abundant than from the twentieth century. It is believed by Scholars and Historians that most of the information from the Golden Age was stored in digital format and was lost in the Cataclysm. Most of what we have learned about the Golden Age comes from some surviving databases, salvaged printed materials, and the lore and personal recollections from the survivors.


During the Golden Age humanity reached levels of scientific and technological achievement so advanced we’ve barely begun to regain the most basic rudiments of it. Artificial Intelligence AI, Genetic Engineering, Nontechnology, Advanced Weapons Systems, and Quantum Computing are all benchmarks in which the pre Cataclysm world excelled in.


        - University of New Lazlo Database (Updated 100 PA)


Outside The Black Needle Compound

        “We are ready Captain,” the short, furry warrior named Gren said coming to attention in front of Walter. The tough little male said his race was called Kankoran and they came from a world with many races just like Earth. Walter thought he looked like a humanoid fox. “The clan’s men and women are ready.”

        “Good,” Water said nodding.

        The decision to move out, once made, was immediately put into action. The threat of the Thorns had kept the Black Needle Clan in a perpetual state of readiness to move. They’d lost many warriors holding the Thorn back so the civilian clan’s men and woman could escape along the riverfront. It was a price they’d willingly paid but it’d been high.

        “Lord Marku wants un on the old road to New Lazlo before sundown,” Captain Walter said checking details on his battered tablet computer. “We can’t leave anything behind for the Thorns save empty storehouses and ashes.”

        “Yes, Captain,” Gren said saluting and hurrying off to see to some detail or another.

        To the east the Thorns were massed and preparing to smash the clan. To the west lay New Lazlo and potential salvation for the Black Needles. Between those points were the Clan and the unknown.

        “Lord Thor,” Walter said grasping the Mjolnir hammer pendant around his neck, “protect us all and guide us to safety.”

        A single bolt of distant lightening split the clear sky.

The I-94 Trail

        Everything Meg saw through the Explorer’s observation ports fascinated and terrified her. The forest spread out in every direction in a spray of bright beautiful green. But every few minutes a relic of the lost world poked an accusing finger out of the foliage and heartache filled her.

        “There used to be so many people,” Meg whispered.

        “What did you say?” a sonorous male voice asked.

        Meg turned to see the hulking form of Sir Adam Raven. The man was a giant and when Meg first saw him she’d nearly screamed in surprise. She had yet to ask him if he were human, although he was over seven feet tall his features were those of a very attractive Native American man. After a brief conversation she’d decided she liked the gentle warrior.

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