Imagine 1

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Imagine you've met the wanted a few times and go to meet them again.. There's alot of girls there and your stood right at the back, thinking 'I'll never meet them'. The boys walk out of the building, all the girls are screaming. Tom looks around and sees you, he walks straight through the girls and ignores them, he never took his eyes of you, he finally gets to you and gives you a massive hug and says;
'I'm so happy your here, I haven't stopped thinking about you since we last met, you are the most beautiful, kindest girl ever, I love you [Your name]'.
Tears roll down your cheek. He pulls out a small box, '[Your name], will you marry me?' 
You cry even more and just nod your head, he puts the ring on your finger and pulls you up and gives you a massive hug.

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