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Meet The Characters

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Meet The Characters

Kimberly Stars: She is dating Patrick, she is pregg with his child, She moved to LA for college her and Patrick and their love is so real.

Jenny Rivera: She is Dating Dustin, she is pregg with his child, she lives in ATL, she didn't go to College like her other friends because she is months away from having her baby. The love they got for each other is very real! 

Jessica Rodriguez: She is dating Carnell, she is not pregg like her other two friends are, she is going to college but in FL and Carnell is going to USC in LA with his cousin Patrick and Patrick's girlfriend Kimberly. Something happens in LA and Jessica finds out by this chick name Mila...and she doesn't know if she can trust Carnell anymore...

Mila Aiko: She's from LA, she likes Carnell but she plays him..and ends up calling Carnell did she even get the number??? you will see...

Dustin Breeding: He is dating Jessica, he loves her very much and one day he is thinking about making his wifey, the love they have for each other is so real. 

Kelly Breeding: He is the one who has been going through alot...and his brothers are very mad at him still for what he did to his girlfriend...(you will see what I mean by that..) He doesn't know if he should date anyone after what he did to his last girlfriend....but at the end of the day....his bro's still loves him. That's real love.

Patrick Breeding: Is dating Kimberly, he can't wait until his child come into this world, he's going to be one happy father...

Carnell Breeding: Let's just say...things...aren't clicking....and Jessica Is really pissed at him.....but at the end of the day....they still love each other... you will know what I mean by that.

Bryan Breeding: He goes and stay's with his bro's in LA, and meets this beautiful girl and is scared to tell her how much he likes her....

You can't wait until you read this.....It's going to be awesome! 

Drama,Love, Hate, this stay tune for chapter 1... 

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