Part 77 - The Fallen Boy

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This night had been one big clean up operation, if we were going to stay here for the foreseeable future, we needed to 'put the house in order'. It had all gotten too much for me so I decided to step outside and get some fresh air. Sasha trailed behind me, Rick had made it clear that no one should travel alone, at all.

"Is it me? Or is it becoming a sauna in there?" I questioned causing Sasha to giggle. "It must be, or there are just too many people in there, sweaty ones too" she replied, I chuckled in response but was cut short. A segment of the trees surrounding the church began to rustle, Sasha lifted her gun to her chin like lightning, her eyes looking the night vision scope that poised itself on top on the body and the automatic weapon. I froze in fear wondering what, or who would emerge from the shrubbery, especially after the night we just had. Sasha's gun cocked as she was ready to shoot at whatever came through the branches. At first we thought it could have been a walker but to our surprise and shock, it was a worn out Daryl who staggered out of the trees. "Daryl?" I yelped before running down the church stairs to greet him. I wrapped my arms around him before he had a chance to talk. Daryl looked like he had been through a war, his limp body barely was able to stand up right without Sasha and me supporting him, he looked exhausted. We took Daryl inside to Rick, and sat him down in one if the various pew's that resided in the church hall. "Daryl? What happened where did you go? Where's Carol?" Rick questioned. Daryl wiped his mouth as he quenched his thirst before answering. "I know where they are... Carol and beth" he paused, everyone was speechless. Though we still exchanged brief glances to one another before averting back to Daryl. "They're in Atlanta .. And it's the same son-of-a-bitch that took beth, I don't even know if they're alive man, they got Carol with a car before takin' her in." He finished, I stood back up, and stretched my stiffened back, a approached Rick "We need to go and get them... now Rick, we don't know what these people are like, they hit her with a car for Christ's sake!" My tone began to rise after every word I had said. Rick stood up beside me and placed his arms either side of me "We will... But not yet, its pitch black out there, we won't get anywhere like this, we'll go in the morning." I nodded and moved my gaze from his eyes down to my slowly growing baby bump before giving it a rub. I needed to keep my stress levels down and this situation was not helping. Rick backed away, his glanced moving between each member of the group before he spoke. "Everyone who stays tomorrow, who isn't going to DC will go to find Carol and Beth." Rick demanded "Now... Get some rest if you can, we got a long day tomorrow"

By morning, Abraham, Eugene and Rosita had taken Maggie and Glenn with them to DC. They had given us a map to find them once we had located Carol and beth. The rest of the group exchanged hugs before they set off to DC, I raised my arm and waved crazily as the rickety, old, dinged up bus chugged lazily into the distance and out of sight. As I trudged in, I saw that everyone had nearly completed their packing. "Carl is going to stay here with Michonne and Gabriel" Rick explained, as he approached me I stepped in before he could say what I knew he was going to say. "I'm coming with you, and don't say no because I'm tired of being stuck on the sidelines while everyone else risks their lives." I demanded, this caused rick to take a step back and contemplate what I had just said. His ice blue eyes bore into mine as he thought. "Okay... You can come... On one condition..." He held up one finger from his fist, I nodded my head quickly. "You stay with me the whole time" he finished. I let out a sigh and agreed, it had been a while since I had been 'allowed' to go out on a run or some sort of outing, deep down I was a little excited, even though the situation was a bad one

Once we had left the solitude of the church, the car journey was silent, Rick and I were in front with Tyreese, sasha and Daryl in the back. I kept glancing at Rick, his face was shrouded with an emotion that I couldn't quite figure out. Maybe it was because he was driving in to the unknown and not knowing what to expect when we arrived at our destination? Or maybe it was because most of us hadn't seen or been to Atlanta since the start of this shit storm. I don't know what emotion he was feeling but I could definitely feel it too. "God damn it!" Rick cried as he banged the steering wheel. I was about to question as to what he was cursing about but the sound of the engine cutting out and dying pretty much answered my question. Rick sighed before placing his head on his hands. "Well... Looks like we're walkin from here " Daryl whined as he exited the car before approaching the passenger side of the car and opening it for me. He began to walk off in the direction we needed to go before I could thank him.

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