Amsal's pov

Okay ! So the surprise is that i'm going to cook for everyone! Coz khala doesn't know that i can cook ! I made lazania , fried chicken ans sandwiches ! I was done cooking i checked my self in the mirror! And head to the khala's house! Sain open the door his eyes lighten up ! I said Salam to him ! He salam me back! Then i asked " sb kahan hain ? " 

" emmm everyone is getting ready and mama is about to make the breakfast! " he said ! I rushed to the to the kitchen ! And said "noo khala aj breakfast mere sath mere ghar pe ! Pleaseeee ! Main sb bna k ayi hun ap sb ko bulane! "

She noded ! And said "okay tm khud bhi ja kr tayyar hojao ! Main bhi in sb ko latti hun ! " i noded and rushed out of the house! And opened the main door! I was climbing the stairs then remember! Asim isn't up ! I walked up to his room! I shaked him up ! "Asim utho naaaa we are getting late" he noded and went to the bathroom ! I again rushed to my room ! And start getting ready ! (The in the pic) i was ready i smiled at my reflection ! I heard the bell rang i start to walk up to the main door! I opened the door its mona and atif! Yeah i called them up in the morning! I was talking about random things! The door was open but i heard a knock on the door! I look at the door its today's newspaper ! I took the paper and start reading it ! I was about to open the page 3 but there's no page 3 in it ! I was shocked ! Yeah page three its all about the showbiz and i have to be updated ! I was worried ! Then the thing crossed my mind is khalu ! He read the newspaper ! So i called up shehry ! He receive the call after 3 rings !

Shehry : hey whats up ? Abhi hum aa hi rahe the !

Me : emmm actually aj mere newspaper aya hai but is main page 3 nahi ! So i was wondering k if khalu is done reading the paper please le ana apne sath !

Shehry : oh okay ! I will don't worry !

Me : thanks shehru ! (I tease him coz i know he hates to be called shehru ! He thinks shehry is cool ! )

Shehry : Amchul kahun tmhen ?

Me : nahi nahi ! Okay ab jald aoo ! Coz the food is getting cold !

Shehry : okay bye !

I cut the call and start to set the table ! Mona and ruksana helped me ! I took the lazania out from the oven ! And took some photos of it ! I was waiting then the bell ring ! Atif opens the door and everyone start greeting ! I was too happy ! Khala kissed me on the fore head ! And i hugg khalu ! I saw shehry but he hides the newspaper behind his back ! I furrowned and he noded with assuring smile ! I smiled back at him ! I took the chair out for khalu ! He sat and then khala sat next to him ! Shehry sat next to khala then maha ! Then Atif and then sain ! I sat infront of shehry ! Yeah i kind a liked it to sit in front of him ! So i can enjoy my food with my fav person ! Ruksana and then mona ! I serve the food to khalu and khala ! Everyone start eating ! Khala looked at me and asked " tmne bnaya ye sb ? " i noded ! Everyones jaw dropped open ! Then everyone start chanting ! Its delicious ! Amazing etc etc ! But i was only waiting for shehry's compliement but he was looking nervous and didn't utter a single word ! I felt bed but he took the first bite of his lazania ! He looked up and smiled towards me ! And gives me a thumb up ! I smiled ear to ear ! I checked my watch then remember ! Where's asim ? He didn't showed up at the table! I left the table! I opened his door and saw him sleeping ! He was ready even he is wearing his shoes on ! Then i though and mumble "abhi tk koi nai aya bs 15 sou lun phr uth jaun ga! " I went up to him and shaked him up ! "Asim utho sbne nashta bhi krlia! " he stood without aurguing! And walked out with me! I went to kitchen and packed some food for asim so ge cAn eat it in the car! I got out and saw everyone ready !

I walked upto khalu and talk about the sitting arragement so we decided ! Khala,khalu ,maha ,ruksana and Asim will go together in khalu's car and me ,mona ,atif ,shehry and sain going together ! I told everyone about the sitting arrangement ! I sat on the driving seat and shehry sat at the passenger seat with me ! Okay i was happy now ! Mona ,atif and sain sat at the back ! I start the engine and i was driving ! But from the rare mirror i can see sain was looking at me from the rare view! I looked at him and winked ! His jaw dropped and i start laughing ! Everyone asked me what happened but i shook my head in no! I turned the music on then shehry said "ohhh shit i forget waqas ko bhi mama ne ane ka kaha tha but use pick krna hai ! "  i looked at him and sighh! " okay tell me the way to his house " he noded and told me the address ! We were in front of waqas house ! I called up khalu and told him about that we picked the waqas !

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