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Atsura’s PoV

Atsura: MAJI DAYO?!!

Yuna: What’s with Tsubasa and Ushiyama-san?!

Eva: Do they want us to break our bones?

“The three of you! Don’t just stand and chat there! Practice dancing!” Tsubasa-san shouted us.

Seriously? What’s with them today? Why are they so on fire? And seriously…again! Do they want us to die? Dancing a hardcore choreography?! Is this really AKB or this is already PHL?

Karen: What’s with the hardcore choreography?!

We are eating our lunch in the garden while talking about the dance practice earlier. All 80th generation members are finally together.

“Deshou?!” Rina said while pointing her spoon to Karen.

“You know, I thought for a moment there, that what we are doing is like PHL’s choreography. And I don’t feel happy about it. I think it’s not AKB for me. The AKB I knew is so light and jolly. I know that PHL’s choreography is great and jolly too. But for me, copying PHL’s style will not lead us to…good ways.” I stated my opinion.

“PHL’s choreography is hardcore?” Eva said.

“Hmp! I was researching early this morning about PHL and I was so stunned by their performance.” I said while acting like typing and searching for something. Then I just got my phone and showed them some videos.

After watching the videos and reading some article about them we finally stated our opinions about their group.

“That song was great! What is its title?” Ran asked.


“Neh, the girls in the center… (Chizuko said while pointing at the 5 girls in the center) aren’t they the one who came to save us? Who are they again?”

“Yes you’re right! They are RappappaV2. That girls are the 58th generation members of PHL48.”Karen said. She was with me when I was researching about PHL so she knew something.

“RappappaV2?” Hana said.

“RappappaV2 is a unit of PHL48. The members in that unit is consists of only 5 members. And being in that unit is really hard. You have to be a respected member and you must have a high ranking. The original members of that unit are Maeda Atsura, who is also called as Tachan. She is one of the 3 members who founded PHL and built that unit. She was also ‘The Brain’ of the group. Second member is Takahashi Kyori, called as Takae. She is also one of 3 members whou founded PHL just like Tachan. She is also considered as ‘The Soul of PHL’. The third founder is Oshima Yuna. Called Yuna or Yu-chan. ‘PHL’s Heart’. The other 2 members are the Co-founders of the group. Shinoda Chizuko is called as Marichi, she is PHL’s Body and the 5th member is Itano Rina The Face of PHL, she is called Tomori. The 5 of them were the ones who made PHL rise in entertainment industry. And the one who changed it.” Kyori said.

“How did you know about all that?” Rina asked and Kyori answered with a smirk.

“It’s because I’m a certified WOTA! Since I was a kid I’ve known about 00 and I’ve been studying about them.”She said cheerfully!

“And did you know?! PHL’s training ground is not ordinary! They are training underground!” she added.

“And you will be able to watch them practice.” We all turned our head and saw Tsubasa-san.

“W-what do you mean by that?” Kyori said.

“You will know when we go there. Now! Prepare you things. We are living in 10 minutes.Hurry up!”she commanded us and clapped her hands. What should we see?

“HI!!Minna! 00 is here!” Tachan said to no one. “PHL~ Assemble!”

When she shouted that, girls came from nowhere.

“AKB0048! Welcome!” they greeted us and confetti are falling from above.

“Welcome to PHL Tower. I’m PHL Tower’s Manager, Takae the 4th.”Takae-san said and gave us a warm smile. She seems gentle and kind.

“Thank you for welcoming us, Takae-sama. We came here for the appointment we made.” Ushiyama-san said.

“Oh. That. I should not be the one you are asking about it.” She apologized.

“I’m sorry for being late. I was preparing the training room. If Tachan did not ruined almost all equipment.” Marichi-sama said while pouting. She have the height of Takamina-san.

“You’re still upset about it?!” Yuna-senpai said. SUGOII! I met all PHL members. “Hey, Tachan! Are you done organizing the files?” she asked Tachan. And Tachan’s eyes grew. She suddenly ran away and went upstairs.

“I’m sorry. We are having some brain error this day. If you don’t understand what I said, I meant Tachan’s brain is not functioning well. She’s nervous because it’s the first time 00 visited us.”Takae-san said.

“So, shall we proceed in the training room?” she asked us and we only nodded. ”She’s so spaced out. Guys go to the music room and practice.” She said to the other members and they followed. Wow! RappappaV2 is really respected by the members.

“Welcome to our humble underground training room. If some equipment is not functioning well, blame Tachan. She almost ruined all things here. It’s good that Tomori was able to stop her. Oh, and by the way, Tomori will not be able to come here because she’s currently having a photo shoot and filming for the new upcoming movie.” Takae-san said.

“Uhm, Senpai, how do you use that?” I asked Takae-san. I was pointing an ear-mic. I know that we use an ear-mic but PHL’s ear0mic is too different from ours.

“You use it like this.” She placed it at the back of her neck. “It may look like an ear-mic but it’s not an ear-mic. The original Tachan invented this. She made an ear-mic before but she said that if the new generation will use thus, it may not be appropriate for them. So she revised it with the help of the other RV2 members. She made it more…special. Instead of placing it in the ear, she placed it in the neck and add more use in it. Other than becoming a mic it also becomes a sword, rifle, knife, and many more.” She took a deep breath and in a split second  machines have been attacking us and we didn’t know why.

“Sword!” I was surprised when Takae-san suddenly shouted it but still…I was amazed on how she handle her sword, Within 5 seconds she defeated almost all robots.”And that’s how you use it.” She smiled like nothing happened.

“What happened earlier? Why are there robots attacking us?” Tsubasa-san was literally worried for us.

“It was just a drill. And that is how we train for combat and dancing…Courtesy of Yuna.”she said.

Drill?Seriously?! This is how PHL train?! This is how they practice for their choreography?! Just how far can they go?!                                                                                                                       


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