Chapter Forty-Seven

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A day ago...

Simon's POV

Waking up, the first thing that crosses my mind is her name. "(Y/n)...have you found her?" I asked as I nudge Violet's shoulder. We shared the same tent, it wasn't something that she doesn't have a choice on. Violet just thought it would be a good idea to do so, and I don't blame her. "I'm staying with you, you might do something stupid that will make me bury you out of your grave just to kill you again!" was what she said as I chuckled from remembering. As the days passed, it felt slower and slower. The wait and the thoughts kept me up almost every night, thinking of what is going on right this instant to (y/n).

I heard the tent unzips as Zach's face came into view, "Good morning, Simon." he greeted. "Any news?" I asked while I crawled out of the tent. I stood up and looked at Zach once more with my bottom lip bitten down. Zach nudge his head to Evans "You bet." Zach said as he gave me a cup of warm coffee. "I like mine bitter." I said as Zach smiled and rolled his eyes, "Its not yours, its for him. Do me a favour and give it to him, yeah?" I sigh and nod as he left to one of the bigger tents.

I walked towards Evans. His dark circles were more noticeable than from the first day I've seen him. He sat there, looking and scanning everything in sight. I met eyes with his, a beautiful colour that (y/n) most definitely inherited from him.

I sat in front of him and gave him his coffee, "Good morning, Simon." He greeted as I greeted back. He sipped his cup of coffee and smiled. I honestly felt oddly weird seeing him smile for the first time. "Sir, any news of (y/n)?" I asked with pure hope that this will be the day.

"Yes, actually. We've found where (y/n) is." Evans replied back, his index finger going in circles on the rim of the mug. I got up immediately as Evan's eyes looked up to me, "I suggest for you to be patient, Simon. (Y/n) won't die. It's us that will." he sighs and looked out to the lake. I felt confused and rage at the same time, but I didn't know which one sparked the most. I suppose its a tie.

"You act like your own blood isn't there! She's your daughter for Gods sake! Don't you feel the slightest of empathy?" I yelled as the fury only got more intense than ever. I felt a hand on my shoulder, pushing me back. "That's enough, Simon." Violet whispered but I only ignored her. Evan stared. For a moment, it felt like time stopped for I heard nothing but silence. Everyone stared, the footsteps stopped. "If this is your way of making me guilty, trust me I am and will always be." he said as he stood up, "Let's get started, shall we? There's no need to hassle. We have all day."

Evan said as he walked passed me.

Leo's POV

I walked back and fourth. My head was all over the place, trying to collect my thoughts. Sebastian only stared, not speaking even one word. I slammed my hand on the table in irritation. "God, have mercy." I whispered to myself. I closed my eyes and breath in deeply. For a moment, I was at peace. Finally.

As times goes by, I felt my mind collecting back its own thoughts. I looked up and stared into the window. "Are you sure you heard a drone?" I asked as I turn to look at Sebastian, "Yes, sir. I've flied those many times now through my career as an agent, sir. They must be looking for you." Sebastian replied back as he straightened his posture.

"Then I suppose he has his own ally?" I asked and as expected, Sebastian agreed. I balled my hand into a fist and let out a sigh, "Leave." I demanded as he nod and made his way out.

I turned back to the table and let minutes passed by. I closed my eyes once more, breathing in the air as I allow it all out. I kicked the dark oak table, letting out all of my frustrations as it hit the wall crying out a loud thud. I screamed at the top of my lungs, feeling all the fury eat me up whole.

I took out my phone and stared. It felt like I only looked at it the whole day, procrastinating. I sigh to myself and picked it up, dialing the number I never wished I did. I walked to the window and waited as the phone rang.

"Ah, you called?"

"Hello, father."

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