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Lorenzo (dad) pov

I came in the mansion exhausted from the office today.

As I entered the mansion I shouted
'I am home' and heard loud footsteps which was probably my son as they are the only one who come like a stampede of elephants.

After wishing each other I waited for my youngest twins to come that's when I listened small pitter-patter of footsteps. Thay were probably my little babies.

"Dawdy" they both shouted at same time which still creeps me out but still I stood with open arms and bent down to match their height.

Suddenly my little princess trips and fall and scraps her knee and panic begins.

Alessia started crying and seeing her ace also started crying.

I took Alessia in my lap and started soothing her. She was still crying and her knees were bleeding. All my sons
encircled her with ace on one of my son's lap who was soothing him also.

"Dawdy it huwts" Alessia says crying.

"Aww baby it's okay daddy is here"I say in attempt to soothe her.

Ace came to her with his baby steps and hugged her tightly.

"It's owkay Eli I am hewe" ace says to her and she stops crying but is still hiccuping. Her eyes and cheeks are red from crying and her knees are also scrapped and blood is coming out.

I immediately took her to the hospital wing in the house and laid her on the bed and called Dr. Pierre.

He immediately bandaged her knees and gave us a cream.

As being in the mafia we have to keep a hospital wing in the house in case something happens like one time one of my stupid son thought it would be nice to play with my gun and shoot it at Antonio.

Well he was Damon. He was angry at Antonio so he thought it would be right to shoot him in the leg.

"Dawdy what awe you thwinkwing" Alessia asked in her cute baby voice that all of us adore.

"Nothing hunny" I said while brushing my hands in her soft hairs.

Suddenly the door opened and in came Amanda (my wife and their mother). She saw the bandage on alessia's knee and panicked.

"Aww my baby what happened to you" she asked her softly.

"Mommy I fwell" she says tearing up again.

"Aww no more tears hun" she says soothingly.

"Ok let's go my babies it's your bedtime" I said putting Alessia on one hip and Ace on other.

They both have very strong connection and they cannot sleep without each other they are the best pair of twins I have ever seen. They are not like Xander and Xavier who keep fighting with each other for every little thing you can think of. They are actually the peacemakers of the house and especially Alicia she is loved by everyone in the family as she is a first girl in seven generations born in that russo household.

I love my whole family very much.
Please yah is loved by each and every member in the family and everyone treat her like a real princess she is
The Mafia princess.

I will do anything to keep my whole family safe.

I tucked both of them and they cuddled into each other automatically and I smiled seeing them and secretly took a picture of the most cutest three-year-old you will ever see.

I went back to my room saw Amanda packing some of the things

"I will not be coming to stay here for three days as my friend has invited me with a small trip with them" she says still packing.

" Ok just stay safe" I said siling softly at her.

She left.

Once again.

I slept.

Up at 6 a.m. in the morning and brought all my sons and the breakfast room I went up to wake my twins up and found the room empty and everything was scattered here and there their closets were also empty.

I was shouting at my guards to find my twins and hearing my shouts all my sons crept into the room and when they found the room empty they were screaming at each and every guard that was guarding the front gate. My eyes got filled with tears but I refused to let them out.
I need it to find my children.

I was checking the room to see any sign of kidnapping and found a letter.

"Sons come here" I called them fearing the worst.

They all stared intensely at the letter and I oper it.

Dear italian mafia aka lorenzo.

I see you found out that your children's are missing. Well aren't they cute little bundle of joy. Well, find them before I kill them.

Your fav enemy,
The russian mafia....

My tears were freely flowing at the end of the letter and the same were my sons.

That day we mourned the loss of my daughter and son and their baby brother and sister.

But they was also the same day we swore to find them back.

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