Shoot Or Die P1 (August & Trey)

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Trey called me up and told me what's up and he know what the dude look like, I kissed Maya on her cheek and grabbed some clothes and jumped in the shower. When I got out Maya was still sleep, I went over, At first I wasn't gone tell her where I was going but If I didn't -- well you know Maya

"Maya, baby!" I said shaking her

She woke up and looked at me, "Yeah? What time is it?"

"10 o'clock. Listen, Trey wanna talk to me about something. I'm about to go and see what he wants and I'll be home later."

"August, Be careful." she said

"I got this" I told her

She smiled, God knows I love this woman's smile, It's something about it

"I love you, August!"

She smiled and kissed me

"Alright, Let me go. Kiss the kids for me, Alright? I shouldn't be long though. I'll call in and check on you."

She nodded and I kissed her lip and she kissed mine biting down on my bottom lip before letting go, It was as if she was scared to let me go.

"Babe, Don't be scared." I told her

"I know I shouldn't be but, I'm so scared." she cried

I sighed and she sat up, I grabbed her and hugged her, "Baby listen to me."

She looked at me eye to eye

"I'm not going no where. Mel got me."

"I know that but, you told me that the last time and--"

"Don't think like that, I love you and the kids. I'll be home before you even wake up. we just meeting and talking that's it babe"

She nodded, I kissed her forehead

"Go back to sleep, Alright?"

I waited til she went to sleep and I went and kissed the girls and MJ and left.



"So, what we gone do?" August asked looking at the dude picture

"I got a feeling Daysi knows something but she ain't telling me. All I wanna know is where he at and who he is, For right now before I do something. once I find out who he is, I'll let you know." I told him

"I got a couple hook ups, Send me that picture and I'll ask around." He said

I nodded, "Man, I seen the security tape at the school"

He sniffed and looked at me, "What security tape?"

"The tape I got his picture from."

"Man, You actually seen dude hit our girls?"

I broke out crying, "April tried fighting back man. And Autumn went in to help her and she stabbed him and he was choking April so tight she was screaming that she couldn't breathe and um- when Autumn stabbed him, April told her to rub and when she ran man, he went after her and held her on the ground beating her over and over in the face man."

August cried, "I'm glad you seen that shit and not me. I know one thing, He got to die and that's no and and buts about it, My daughter can barely see out her left eye, I can't really tell how bad it is because she covers most with makeup and pulls her hair over her eye. But he gott to die. It's either we shoot or we die. It's justuce for our kids or our lives"


Shoot or we die. In this case, we shooting but he dying.

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