sometimes attention is all it takes

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I always spend half the day at the company and then at the orphanage. And when I get my sons from school I ask if they want to do something or if they want to go to the orphanage. And almost every day it is either grandmas and grandpa or the orphanage or both. My babies love to spend some time with my parents and grandparents.

My grandpa Alfonso calls me every day and I visit them a couple of times a week. My mum goes every day and obviously, my brothers do too.
Today I have to let my grandpa Alfonso and Lorenzo babysit the boys because of some problems at the orphanage.

When we open the door at the mansion, both my boys run into my uncle Lorenzo's office, he is the boss right now because my grandparents stepped down, but being the men they are, they still help a lot.
When my boys go in everyone stops what they are doing in the meeting to look who dares to open the door without knocking.

"My babieeees" I hear grandpa Alfonso say and they run to hug him. Yeah, he is their favorite. when I say hi to everyone and kiss them my uncle Xander comes to me.

"honey, do you need help with the orphanage? Do you need money or need me to come?" he says.

"no uncle Xan xan, Romeo called me when he heard the boys will sleep here today and asked the same thing. Like I told him, I got everything handled and you guys know if I need help with money you two will be the first I ask don't worry. It is just one of our older girls is a little out of control right now but I think I know how to fix it." with that I kiss his cheek before I go down to eat with everyone.

I kiss my boys goodbye and decided to go to my Dad's work before the orphanage.

"Hi, Dad!" I say as I walk into his office and kiss his cheeks
"Hello, my baby" ugh he still calls me baby!

"The kids are at grandpa Alfonso they are gonna sleep there, and before you say anything I could let them sleep at yours because mum would go all grandma mode and end up hurting from not resting or carrying them!"
My dad starts laughing at that and agrees. But he still promised to go visit them before going home and meeting mum there too.

After visiting my dad I went to the police house. I wanted to drag out time so she could get a picture of what life will look like if she doesn't change her mindset.  Plus she is a minor so she only sits in the office and not a cell. Plus I know the officer who is with her right now. I wanted her to be able to see the people they drag in. Leanna needs to learn the consequences. I have tried almost everything with her but she still rebels, My mom says she reminds her of uncle Romeo, but does not know how to take out her anger.

As I see come in to station, I see her sitting there with the officer, what caught my eyes was her bruised up face. What the hell happened to her!

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