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Trey came home and I turned on the light and looked at him

"Hey baby, I'm sorry about yelling at you." he said

"What's wrong?" I asked him

"I just got--"

"He told me what happened." I said cutting him off

"I'm good baby, I'm taking care of it" he said sitting on the couch

"Trey, you're not planning on doing anything stupid are you?"

He looked up at me, "Stupid? If I kill this nigga I'm not doing anything stupid because he beat my daughters. You look at Autumn, she has a black eye okay? And you tell me I shouldn't beat the shit out him when I find him"

"Trey, you know I ain't mean it like that"

"Vee, you just stay out of this. this ain't got none to do with you." he said getting up

"Nothing to do with me? TJ is my son. Autumn and April are like my own too, Trey." I said

"Vee, just stay out"

"Trey, Fuck you." I said

"Vee, I'm sorry"

"No, save it with your dumb ass. Go and apologize to your son, I'm staying with my brother for the night."

"Vanessa, I'm sorry baby. I didn't mean what I said, You know I love you and I didn't mean it." He said

"I know but you tripping. I know you mad but why you saying what you saying to me?" I said

"Because Vee, I don't want you in this. Stay out of this. " He said

I looked at him

"I'm going to bed. Apologize to our son."

"Vee, don't be mad baby." he said grabbing my arm


"I love you"

I nodded and kissed his lips going up to bed,

Chapter coming soon if not tonight it will be up as soon as I wake up tomorrow

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