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The reason I walked away from TJ is because, I'm scared what else Quetin would do. Quentin, is my older brother and he found out about me being raped and he insist that TJ did it but TJ didn't. Not only am I a foster child, I'm also a drug dealer. I know right, A smart girl like me selling drugs and doing what I do, unbelievable? Ha but not all of us got it made like "Trey Songz & Maya Amour kids" I like TJ but, he just made matters worst. Not only is my brother (not my real brother but he looks after me) looking for him but, Anthony is too.Anthony is my rapist. Anywho, I'm about to go and meet up with Quentin.

"War, you shouldn't have done that." I said to him

"Look, the bitches made me mad. Get in"

"No, War! You know who kids you fuvking with?"

"No and I don't care" he said looking at me

"You should care." I said

"Get in" he said

I sighed and got in the car

"I didn't mean to beat that girl the way I did." he said shaking his head

"You know they won't stop until you dead"

"Man, I don't care"

"Quentin, Those are Maya Amour and Trey Songz and August Alsina kids"



"Shit, man." He said

"You better get out of town"

"You coming?"

"If I leave they will know something's up."

"Alright, I'll come back and get you"

I nodded and we hugged

"I love you, Daysi."

"I love you too, War."


"I don't know anything about it." I lied

"I saw you on the video, Daysi. Don't lie to me." Trey said

"Look, I was there. I told her I was sorry but I don't know who the man is, ok? I'm sorry, if I did I would tell you."

"You find out, You let me know." he said

I nodded

I looked at him and you could see the rage in his eyes, Quentin you fucked up.

I got up and left the restaurant where he had me meet him and I went to the foster home and as soon as I walked in the door Anthony grabbed me and pushed me against the mirror, I felt blood

"You told on me?"

"I - I didn't say anything."

"Bunk that shit, see now I got to kill your ass."

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