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I was in the hallway about to go downstairs when I heard TJ on the phone and I'm guessing he was talking to the girls, heard him talking about he was about to do some shit to some dude. He ain't been home in 2 days and just got home. I heard him talking about some nigga after him and him laying hands on April and Autumn. I opened the door and tried to be calm as possible.

"What's up son?" I asked him sitting down on his bed

"April, I'm gone talk to you later." He said into the phone

"Yeah, Don't worry about it, yeah. Love you too" he said hanging up

"Worry about what? What's going on and tell me where you been for two days??" I asked him

"I spent the night with the girls." He said

"What's going on? You got 2 seconds to tell me boy." I said sitting up looking at him

"Daysi, Daysi left me alright? She left." He said

"I'm sorry to hear that son. But, what's going on with your sisters? April hasn't contacted me in two days and I know my daughter, only time she stop talking to me when she doesn't want me to find out what's going on and I know my kids, Something ain't right here. So you need to tell me because if I got to find out-- Just believe you don't want me to find out what's going on from somebody else." I told him trying to hold my composure

"Pops, Nothings going on. Alright?"

"You gone sit here and lie to my face? Tremaine Aldon Neverson Jr, i know you AND FOR DAMN SURE I KNOW MY DAUGHTER NOW YOU BETTER TELL ME WHATS GOING ON!" I said standing up stepping up to him letting him know I was serious

I don't fucking play about my kids, Especially my little girl. Autumn may not be my daughter but I don't play about her either because she's apart of Maya. Therefore, whatever going on and she was hurt too? I'm going to PRISON! I'm getting a case and you better believe that.

"Dad, Don't you think if something was going on.. I would have told you?" He asked begging up

"Tremaine, you better tell me what the hell is going on." I told him looking at him eye to eye

"Some guy came to the school today looking for me, And when he didn't find me he went up to April and Autumn and he laid his hands on them." he finally said


I felt all the anger in me build up, Laid his hands on my kids?? MY KIDS? Do he fucking know who he fuvking with??

"Pops, Calm down."

"CALM DOWN?" I yelled

"See this why we ain't wanna tell y'all." he mumbled


"What's going on?" Vanessa asked coming in the room

"Nothing baby, Go back to sleep." I said as calm as possible

"No, tell me what the fuck is going on." she said rubbing her stomach

"Baby, Nothing you need to be concerned about. Go to sleep, Alright? I don't want you to stress." I told her

She looked at me, "Trey, I'm already in this. Why are you yelling at our son?"

"VEE, look go in the room!" I said walking out his room grabbing my keys before I snapped

I called Maya,

Phone Convo with Maya,

Maya: Hello?

Me: Hey uh, Maya *sniffs* Can you meet me somewhere?

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