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Father :

Name - Lorenzo Russo
Played by - David gandy

He was the former capo(leader) of the italian mafia. He is 45 years old and loves his children more than anything and misses the twins a lot. His height is 6'6 ft. They are still searching for them in hopes to get them back. He always has a stone cold face with everyone which immediately changes when he is with his family. He is very overprotective of Alessia.

Mother :


She was a kind woman. But dead.
Rest in peace 🙏

Step sister :


She is a gold digging bitch. She just want to live on daddy's money. She is 17 years old and height is 5'8 ft. She is not their half sister but still has made fake DNA reports and wore same eye contacts as the Russo. All the Russo's know that she is not their step sister but had still kept her out of pity. She always has a new man in the bed. She always has a face covered in make-up and clothes that can fit even a kid.

Older brothers :

1) Antonio russo
Played by - Stephen james

He is the oldest of the Russo siblings. He misses the twins a lot and is still searching for them. He is very tall and intimidating. His age is 27 years old and height is 6'6 ft. He only has a soft spot for the twins and mostly for Alessia. He is the current don of the italian mafia. Their mafia is on second position. He is very overprotective of Alessia.

2) Elijah Russo
Played by - Nick Bateman

He is the mama bear of the family. After their mother left he took the role of mother for his siblings. He also misses the twins a lot but do not show it so the family can stay together. He is 23 years old and height is 6'5 ft. He can be very soft for family but if you hurt his family and especially his little princess he can do a killing rampage and will not spare anyone. He is specialized in knives, guns, hand-to-hand combat and many weapons. He is very overprotective of Alessia.

3) Damon Russo
Played by - Toni mahfud

He is a little moody person. One time he is angry and the other time he is happy. He loves the twins a lot and always wishes them to come home.
He cried every night to sleep after the twins were gone. His age is 22 years and height is 6'5 ft. He is the hacker of the mafia and is trained in hand-to-hand combat, guns, knives, daggers and many other weapons. He is very overprotective of Alessia.

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