It Is Such A Beautiful Day

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I lay in an open field, the sun burning my eyelids but in a golden comforting way. The wind has my fur in the same sway as the ripe green grass.

It is such a beautiful day.
But my moment of peace, none too surprisingly, has come to an end as I hear my mother calling for me. It's always too good to last.

"Artemis!" I winced as she yelled. I think she forgets there's no need for that when we speak through the pack/family bond.

I say that because we can also communicate through bonds with our family who are in different packs.

"Yes momma!" I put on a wolfish grin as I started stretching my giant white wolf. Thinking about how she got a taste of her own medicine.

I had the largest wolf in the pack and, by color, the strongest. Even compared to the Alpha who came in third to my older step-brother Simon. My mother was once Luna and mated, though not the mate, to another Alpha of another pack. They knew they weren't mates but they were in love and mateless.

That's how I happened.

Everyone thought that my birth was a blessing, for my mother was thought to be as barren as a(I am no geographical wiz, it is in fact my worst subject)very dry desert. So I was somewhat of a celebration, especially being all white in color of fur. But the happiness and excitement had to end sometime right?

When the Alpha found his mate he refused to ask my mother to leave, but she could see how it affected him and she knew that leaving me there would remind his mate of the woman he wouldn't leave. So at three I was on the road with my mom until she felt far enough away from where her heart was broken to start anew.
Though painful, it must have been fated by the goddess because everything fell into place there. Well, here. She found her mate, Alpha Luke who, yet single, also had a child. We got along like actual siblings almost too well. They even worried we might end up mates but that was gross.
And though not right away, my mother became Luna once again. Luna May.

( Sorry, back to the present)

"You don't have to be so loud, geeze." What the heck. " The Alpha and I need to talk to you about how we will decide which of you will be the pack's heir." Her tone, where as it was usually soft and soothing, now had a more serious pull to it.

In moments like these I felt it best to address her by her power position, "Yes Luna, I'm on my way home." I said in understanding that something like this was a little too private for the pack house. Even if it was right next door.

"Don't be too long, you don't want Luke to give the position to Simon out of impatience." She said teasingly to lessen the seriousness, I knew it was too much for her.

Both mentally and physically sighing, I started trotting my way back. Stopping only by the creek not too far from the house but far enough in the woods so that no one would see me shift or dress.

Or so I thought.

(Depending on how well people take to it depends on how avidly if at all I update though I will give you guys more chapters for more room to decide so lemme know please)

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