Keep Me Safe- Chapter Three

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I honked the horn and checked my phone. If Taylor didn't get out here soon, we were going to be late to school. I was about to honk one more time before I saw her rushing out of her house. I smiled. She looked like she just hopped out of bed.

"Sleep well?" I asked her as she was was closing the car door.

"Yeah, I slept so good, I didn't want to get out of bed." She said right before she let out a massive yawn. I smiled as I drove down her street, the school coming into view a few minutes later. By that time, Taylor looked like she was about to fall asleep again.

"Tay, come on. We're at school." I told her, as I tried to find a parking spot.

"I'm awake, I'm fine." She mumbled, her head still leaning against the window.

"Fine, but you're gonna be late again." I checked my face in the mirror to check if everything was in order before I got out of the car. Hopefully Taylor remembers to lock my car, I think as I walk towards the buildings. As I'm rushing to my first period so I won't be late, I trip, bringing down someone else with me.

"Crap! I'm so sorry! I wasn't watching where I was going." I say to whoever I just knocked down, and make sure nothing's hurt.

"It's alright. Neither was I." I hear the person say. I'm about to get up when he offers me a hand.

"Thanks. Sorry. Again." I apologize. Once I'm upright again, I see his face and am shocked to see Wesley Stryder.

"It's fine. No harm, no foul." He says right as the bell rings. "Later." He gives me a nod before turning away.

I stare after him for a second before remembering that I'm late and booking it to class.


"Hey, Rose."

I look up from my book as two shadows block out the sun doing a much better job than the tree I was sitting under did. I took a bite from my lunch and closed my book.

"Hey Taylor. Hi. . ." I trail off, looking a the guy next to her.

"This is Tyler Davis, he's new to school. Just started yesterday." She winks at me behind his back, like I should know what she's talking about. Did she like him or something? They went good together. Taylor with her blond hair and brown sticking out from underneath where she dyed it went good with his short blond hair. And her brown eyes and olive toned skin matched him, too but their heights were different. Where tyler looked about 6'3", Taylor would be about 5'5" and his muscley build looked protective next to her skinny body.

"Hey Tyler, I'm Rose. Nice to meet you."


"So, how are you liking our school so far?"

"It's good, I'm already trying to get onto the soccer team, which has a meeting in about two minutes." He says as he checks his watch. "I'll see you guys later?"

"Yeah, sure. See you." Taylor tells him and waves as he walks away and then she turns to me. "What do you think?"

"About you and him? You go good together, I guess." I'm not really good with relationships, so I don't know what would be a good thing to say.

"Me and him? No, I don't like him like that. But, you and him would be a cute couple." She tells me. This must be what the wink was for and what she was talking about yesterday. She must've met him yesterday and wanted to set us up.

"What? You know I don't date, Tay." I pick up my book again, hoping she would just drop it. I have no interest in dating anyone and I don't want to have any. Relationships take up time, thoughts, and they all end the same, so there's no point in even pretending otherwise.

"Rose, come on now. He seems like a good guy, and you haven't dated anyone in forever. Just give him a chance." She pleads.

"No, Taylor. I don't wanna date anyone. And it has not been forever. Its just been a little while." I know I'm lying, but I don't want to admit it. I just haven't wanted to date anyone since Adam died. I don't see a point anymore.

"You know it has been  way more than 'a little while'." She gives me a pointed look. She knows it's  because of Adam, but she doesn't want to say so. "It has almost been a year since you even showed any interest in a guy. Don't you think you should get back in the game? There could be some guys you might like. There hasn't at least been one guy that caught your eye?"

"Nope. Not one." I tell her as I glance at my watch and realize lunch is almost over. I gather my lunch and my bag and get ready to head over to my locker with Taylor and then our next period.

But while we're walking, I remember something. I remember this morning, how I tripped and fell into Wesley. About how I stared after him as he walked away. He was a good looking guy, though, I had to admit that. It's hard not to stare even if I don't know him that much.

I won't mention anything to Taylor, though. She'll read too much into it. She'll probably think that I might like him or at least be interested in him, but all it was was just a lingering glance that lasted no more than two seconds. It was nothing more than that and never will be.


Alright, so I haven't written anything in forever and, this is really short, too. I'm just not sure where I'm going with this, so I'm trying to figure stuff out. I hope it's not too bad, comment and such to tell me anything. The song is just a song I really like right now so check it out He Is We is an amazing band and I love all their songs. :)  ~Tiffany

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