|Toji x reader|

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Art is from @mybloodynails on twitter, but damn take a look. (So hawt). Anyways, thank you so much for 20K reads lol, never thought that this many people will like my writing. (If you want to you can check out my Geto ff on my profile.)

Anyways, enjoy this.

Toji loved how you were always intimidated by his presence, always looking at him so innocently, your eyes shinging brightly as he eyed your body.

You have lived with him and your mother for a few months, and you were actually getting on pretty nicely with the man, even though, he scared you sometimes, with his large phsique, toned arms, intimidating eyes that looked at you like prey. Fresh meat for him to eat.

It was a saturday night, and you decided to stay in, the cozy bed of yours waiting, as you planned to read your favourite book. The only problem was, that your mom had gone out with her friends, leaving you with your scary step father.

You went into the kitchen, wanting to make a cup of tea for the relaxing evening. The lights were shut, only the grey sky illuminating the space. You tried to pay as much attention as you could to your steps, not to bump into something, or someone. Your thoughts filled your head way too much, as you now collided with something. It was a broad chest, as you turned your head up, only to be met with Toji's hungry eyes.

Oh, sorry Toji, I didn't see you there." you tried to apologise, the space between your bodies making you feel hot in your face as your eyes drafted to Toji's lips, seeing it curl up into a small grin.

He lowered his head closer to yours, his warm breath thickling your face. He placed his large hands on your shaking waist, pulling you into his warm body, you could feel his abdomen, how trained it was, the muscles poking trough the thin fabric of his signature black t shirt.

"Oh, now now, that is not a proper apology darling, show some respect." his words made your body tremble in his arm even more, you were sure he felt it too. "Now, how are you going to properly apologise to your daddy?" his voice was low, only to be heard by you.

"I-I'm sorry, I'll be careful next time." you tried to hide how flustered you were by the presence of the man, his perfect body so close to your small one.

"Huh? I don't think I've heard ya." his grin was widening by the second as his hand slid down on your waist, to your ass, squeezing it hard, then slapping in harshly.

You gasped loudly as his actions made your cunt throb, leaving an acheing feeling inside you. Your heart was beating so fast, you were sure Toji could feel it on his abdomen as you tried to form a coherent sentence. "I'm sorry, I'll be careful next time." you whispered as his heat consumed you as a whole, large arms wrapped around you, keeping you in place as he licked your hot skin on your neck, making you squirm.

"You're sorry to who darling? Tell me who are you apologising to?" he chuckled lowly, sucking on your neck agonizingly slow.

"I'm sorry to you." you moaned as he bit your skin that was full of goosebumps.

"And who am I, darling?" he said amused, as pleasure and guilt built up inside you.

"Daddy." you moaned as he moved his hand to your heat, gripping it in a way that made your whole body shiver. "I'm sorry daddy." you whispered as he started moving his fingers into your panties, making you grab his wide shoulders.

"Oh, so you like this, how dirty you are for me, darling." he said as he suddenly lifted you up, making you lock your legs around his toned torso.

He placed you on the kitchen counter, the cold surface breaking you from your trance as he suddenly pulled your panties down. He licked two of his fingers slowly, while looking you deep in the eyes, you knew your face was hot, blushed from the lewd actions of Toji. He removed them from his mouth, a string of saliva connecting his lips and rough fingers. He parted your thighs, your slick glistening between your throbbing lips, he shoved them in you, making you throw your head back as he curled his fingers inside you harshly and fast.

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