Comfort and Make-Overs

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Chapter 24

Her head hurt like heck.

What had happened? She thought as she breathed in the unfamiliar scent of synthetic lilies and ocean breeze. Before her eyes opened she could feel thick, rich sheets around her legs. Her eyes stung as she pried them open. It was an over modern white room with too much empty space, it reminded her of the famed high-class presidential suites in New York. White tiled floors, white ceilings, and matching white walls. She lay on a King size bed that had to have been the softest thing she had ever laid upon. Her body ached.

Where am I? Annabeth asked herself. Just then the door on her left opened and in walked a golden haired, green eyed, super-model looking guy with enough swagger for every guy in her school. He looked over at her and relaxed as he saw her eyes where open. He reminded her of Will Solace, the Apollo Counselor back at camp except much hotter and taller and basically made her heart race a quick marathon.

"You're awake!" the guy said astonished and excited as he moved to stand next to her bedside. He smiled down at her and it made her keenly aware of her own state. Her hair was a tangled mess around her face and her outlandish clothes looked wrinkled and disgusting even though she could hardly see them from above the covers. "Geeze, when you started breaking down in the hallway yesterday it was really weird explaining to all the security guards that you lost your favorite tribute," the man says conversationally as he sits next to her on the bed. In his hand is a red apple that he takes a huge bite of. Annabeth's stomach rumbles. She tries to speak but her voice doesn't seem to work. "Well listen, it wasn't that big of a deal. See, I rescue damsels in distress all the time, so don't worry about it," he says waving his apple in the air, "are you alright?" His voice was more serious, Annabeth's mind swirled.

Who was this guy? What was he talking about? Annabeth tried not to panic. She scrambled trying to find her voice.

"Who are you?" she asked, trying to keep the fear from her voice. The guy looked at her, startled, "Are you playing a game on me Apollo?" she asked trying to think of the most believable possibility. The guy frowned.

"Annabeth? It's me," he said leaning over her to give her a better look at him, "Finnick O'Dare? Famed super star of the Capitol?" Annabeth sucked in breath. Her mind slammed in motion, it reran though all the memories that had led her to that point and it took all she had not to burst into tears. Against her will, her face broke and she brought her hands up to her face, trying to hide from Finnick's eyes. Her shoulders shook as a sob began in her throat. Finnick looked at her suddenly soft and caring. "Hey," he put a hand on her arm, "You have already done enough of that." He said, but she couldn't help the hot tears that came forth. She began to choke on her tears so she sat up and hunched over, hugging herself. Then she felt arms around her. Suddenly her head was against a rock hard chest that smelled like mint, his arms held her as she cried. His warmth filled her, like being in the sun when it is cold out, "Annabeth," he said rubbing his hand on her arm, "What happened?" he spoke softly as though she would break at any moment. After taking in a ragged breath she pulled away from him. Before she could start her story he brushed away the tears on her face. She was taken aback by his kindness.

"You don't even know me," Annabeth said softly. His hand squeezed her arm.

"Well I know what it feels like having the capital hurt me," he said understandingly. He was so close, Annabeth's cheeks grew warm. She moved away from him a little bit.

"Um, they took someone from me," Annabeth said, not trusting herself to say his name.

"I am so sorry," Finnick said after a moment. She silently thanked him for not asking questions. They were silent a moment before he spoke again, "Do you want me to take you to district 12?"

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