2. Proposal

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Jennie clearly remembered that she had died and the scene before her death was still vivid.

Her cellphone kept ringing, the medical records were scattered all over the place, the medical staff rushed in, and her parents cried sadly. How could she be lying in her own room as soon as she opened her eyes?

Creamy curtains, goose-yellow walls, pink sofas, black and white patterned floors. All of these decorations were from before she had gone abroad. After she went abroad, her parents changed the decoration at once. Her room no longer had the previous patterned floor but was replaced with wood flooring with heating installed underneath the floors.

Jennie suddenly opened her quilt and ran to the dressing mirror in the room.

In the mirror, Jennie had shoulder-length hair, because she had just woken up, her hair was a bit messy and she was still wearing childish cartoon pajamas.

This wasn't right!

Jennie studied abroad for two years, then found a job at a local company. In order to make her image more mature, she changed her hair style before starting her job with her hair much longer than it was now.

This wasn't who she was now, but who she was a few years ago.

"Ding ling ling..."

A dull ringtone rang, Jennie lifted the quilt, skillfully found her cellphone, then picked up the outdated cellphone which wasn't familiar to her.

"Jennie, are you still sleeping? Did you forget about our graduation photos today?" Rosie's voice sounded from the phone.

"Rosie?" Jennie was a little surprised. "Graduation photo?"

"I knew you had forgotten. Our class will be taking pictures at 11 o'clock. Now, you should immediately call for a taxi." After she spoke, Rosie fiercely hung up the phone.

Graduation photo? Jennie was incredulous. Today was the day to take graduation photos, wasn't it on June 2017? Jennie turned her head to look at the calendar. Sure enough, the bedside calendar showed that today was June 12, 2017. There were also words marked graduation photos by her own handwriting.

If she wasn't dreaming, could she see her former classmates and take another graduation picture once she arrives at the school?

That's right, just go to school and have a look. If what happened was the same as she remembered, it meant that she wasn't dreaming. Was she really back?

Jennie ran to the door excitedly, but she didn't even think of changing her pajamas. Wearing slippers, she ran out with her cellphone and disheveled hair. Unexpectedly, she ran into Lisa as soon as she left.

"Lisa?!" Jennie cried out in surprise. She stood in front of Lisa and there was no scar on her face, which was completely different from the one she had met in the hospital.

"I ..." In fact, Lisa had stood at the door for a long time. She stood conflicted, she was too afraid to enter or leave. She had been expecting Jennie to leave. But now that people were out, she didn't know what to say. She lowered her head uneasily and looked at her toes.

"What can I do for you?" Jennie's voice was very light, which was a habit she had formed from talking with Lisa. When Lisa was seven years old, her parents sent her back to live with her grandmother. Because grandma Manoban's house was close to the Kim's, Jennie often saw Lisa. Additionally, there were not many children in the area. When she was a child, Jennie often went to play with Lisa. However, Lisa didn't pay much attention to her. Lisa was always immersed in her own world, which made Jennie frustrated and angry. It wasn't until grandma Manoban explained Lisa's difference that Jennie understood.

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