Chapter 75: Cato

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I nod lightly and try to think back a little. The meeting with Coin, that was interesting.


I woke up with Clove in our room in District 13. I kissed her lightly, as I always did to wake her up. She smiled and curled into me. I sighed and held her close for a while.

"We have to go, Coin wants to see us today" I said trying to sit up. I ended up giving in and she nodded into me "We have until lunch time to be there, then we'll have a meeting with everyone" I added lightly.

"Let me go shower, I don't want to stink" she said as she was trying to get out from under the sheets. She eventually did and ran off to shower. I got up slowly, still tired and go dressed at an impressively slow speed. Clove walked out, with only a towel, and started to watch me. I laughed lightly as I pulled my shirt over my head and slipped each arm through. She started to get dressed and I tried not to watch too much, 'but she is perfect' I thought to myself 'No matter what happened, she will always be perfect".

"I can see you watching me" she said seductively and I nodded, she caught me. I walked up to her slowly and kissed her lightly "We have to go" she said as things got a little deeper. I grabbed her hand, softly and pulled her to Coin's office.

"Glad you could make it" Gale said jokingly. At the time I laughed but I wouldn't have if I knew what would happen with him. We sat across from Katniss and Peeta, with Boggs standing guard at the door. Coin walked in, with one of her deep gray woman-suits with a skirt. She looked so official that everyone stopped instantly.

"Hello, we have a lot to discuss" she started softly "Johanna and the other Victors will be here shortly, I can tell you that the Revolt is over, Snow has been captured and we needed a plan to be formulated" she said sitting down slowly, almost as if in pain.

"We're here" Joahanna said loudly, as her, Finnick and Annie walked in slowly. Finnick held Annie close as they stood near the back. Johanna managed a seat next to Clove and quieted down quickly.

"First thing's first, we have an extremely important vote to complete" Coin said more firmly. "We are considering a Hunger Games for the Capitol loyalists. Snow's family, all under 18, and some of him most loyal followers will be Reaped if we vote yes. We will show the Capitol that they can be hurt and destroyed" she said bitterly. 

"I vote yes" Clove said firmly, she didn't take long to decide "I want them to pay for what they did" she added angrily. I held her hand as reassuringly as I could and smiled down at her.

"I vote yes too, they can't get away with this" I added strongly, which got everyone's attention. I glanced at them and they all resumed what they were doing, which was just thinking. 

"Okay thank you, we now have 2 votes for yes and one for no, we still have quite a few votes to go" Coin said urgently. Katniss seemed to be thinking this over the most. It was right after Prim was bombed but she seemed to be taking it harder than she seemed to be capable. She looked over at Peeta and he smiles reassuringly.

"I vote yes, Peeta?" she asks carefully. He nodded half-heartedly and Coin smiles gratefully. She typed some things into her tablet and looked over expectantly to Finnick and Annie, they both shook their heads sadly.

"We can't let others die, we've seen too much of that" Finnick said holding a now crying Annie. He looked so strong, but more mentally than physically.

"Very well, and you Haymitch?" Coin said carefully, as if treading lightly. He shook his head firmly and walked off, he looked sad and alone. "Okay so we have concluded that Snow's immediate family and all of his head Peace-Keeper's families will be Reaped at the end of the month" she said formally and we were dismissed. My flashback faded and I 'returned' to looking at Clove as we lie in my bed.

"What were you saying?" I  ask shaking my head, trying to focus. She smiles and rolls onto me, startling me slightly. I start to twirl her slowly drying hair and she blushes lightly. She lays her head on my bare chest, probably listening to my apparently 'soothing heart-beat'. I breath in a heavy breath and sigh.

"Who do you think will be Reaped?" she asks nervously. I shrug lightly, which ruins her balance and she falls onto me roughly. It feels weird to admit but it felt good. She blushes lightly and rolls off of me, obviously embarrassed.

"Hopefully one of Snow's kids or relatives" I say bitterly. She nods and lays on my chest again. "You should get some sleep" I say as she starts to yawn. She nods and rolls around, as if trying to find a comfortable position to sleep. I roll over on to her, stopping her from moving and pretend to fall asleep. She struggles for minutes and eventually gives up.

"Good night" I say kissing her lightly. She manages to push me off but curls right into me. We fall into dreamless sleep. I finally have my Lucky Clover back!

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