Ch. 40

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Harmony's p.o.v|

"Oh my god, I'm literally scared for life!" Calum says to us all.

"Shut up, Calum!" Luke hits him in the arm.

"Ow!" Cal yells at Luke.

Oh god.

"Did you see Harmony naked? What was it like?" Michael asked.

That's it, I am seriously going to kill Michael Clifford. This is the end for him.

"Shut the fuck up man!" Luke hits Michael harder than he hit Calum.

"Ow, not the arm!" Mikey shouts.

"I will hurt you, Michael."

"Come at me bro" he said.

I started laughing. I can not take him seriously after that.

"I did get a little glimpse at her side boob," Calum told Michael.

Luke gives them both the most evil look ever. Michael and Calum just laugh together, Ash then joins in.

"This is really not funny at all," I frowned.

The boys look at me with crazy looks.

"Okay, it is."

We all laugh together. The only one who wasn't laughing was, Luke. He was actually pretty pissed off. He's so hot when he's angry.

"Is someone jealous?" I tease Luke.

"No," he groaned.

"Yes you are!" I tease again.

"Stop it, Harmony."

Luke looks at me with a clear angry look on his face.

"Oh come on, cheer up babe."

I place my lips on his and he smiles into the kiss.

"Ugh" Michael said.

Luke gives him the middle finger, as we continue our kissing session. I hummed happily as he kissed me hungrily.

"You two are disgusting. Please don't do it here in front of us." Ashton says now covering his eyes.

"Yeah, Calum already had enough for one day" Michael said.

Dear diary,

Tonight the boys are opening for One Direction. I'm going to be singing one song with the 1D boys. The boys are gonna pick the song I sing with them.
I can say I'm excited, but more nervous.

"Babe you coming?" Luke asks me.


We all get in the car and drive to the venue. I get greeted by the boys.

"Hey Liam." He comes up and hugs me.

"How are you?" He asked.

"I'm good."

The boys are I go into the dressing room to go over the song once.

"We chose Nigh Changes, Harmony" Zayn tells me.

"Great," I smile nervously.

"You will do great, don't worry" Zayn said.


We rehearse for a bit and 5SOS were ready to go on stage.

"Good luck, baby." I hug Luke tightly.

"Do I get a kiss?" Luke smiles at me cheekily.

I lean up to kiss, barely reaching him. He leans down more to my height.

"I love you," he looks me in the eyes.

I nod my head. He goes out on stage.
After the boys come off, One Direction goes on.


"This next song is called, Night Changes. We would like to bring out a very special friend to sing with us." Harry says into his microphone.

The boys start singing the song and I wait for my cue to go on stage.

Zayn and Liam sing their parts. Then I go on stage to sing with Harry.

We're only getting older baby.
And I've been thinking about it lately.
Does it ever drive you crazy,
just how fast the night changes.
Everything that you've ever dreamed of, disappearing when you wake up.
But there's nothing to be afraid of.
Even when the night changes.
It will never change me and you.

Then Louis starts singing. The crowd was so loud and pumped up.

Chasing there tonight, doubts are running round her head.
He's waiting, hides behind a cigarette.
Heart is beating loud, but she doesn't want it to stop.

Then Niall sings.

Moving too fast, moon is lighting up her skin.
She's falling, doesn't even know it yet.
Having no regrets is all that she really wants.

Then we all go to the chorus again. Then Zayn and I sing the bridge of the song together.

Going out tonight, changes into something red.
Her mother doesn't like that kind of dress.
Reminds her of the missing piece of innocence she lost.

We sing the chorus again. The Harry finishes off the song.

It will never change, baby.
It will never change, baby.
It will never change, me and you.

"Thank you everyone, this is our good friend, Harmony. You might know her actually." Louis announces into his mic.

The crowd cheers loudly.

"Thank you so much, have a good night everybody!" I run off the stage.

The boys continue on with their set.

"That was amazing!" Michael and Ashton walk up to me.

"Thanks guys." I smile at them.

I was proud of myself.

"I'm so proud of you, Harmony!" Luke comes up to me.

Okay, he really does know how to read my mind.

"Let's get back to the hotel."

We get in the car and drive quickly back to the hotel.


"How do you like it so far here?" Luke asks.

"I haven't seen much of it, Luke."

"We can go and explore tomorrow" he says.

"Okay." I smile at my boyfriend.

I really do love saying that. Luke's the best boyfriend I could possibly ask for.

(I hope you liked this.)

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